Services Overview

  Drs. Robert Efron and Krystian Dabrowski both have experience in advanced dental procedures. During procedures, our multi-parameter surgical monitor records your pet's EKG and heart rate, level of oxygen in the blood (pulse oximetry), body temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate and level of carbon dioxide in the blood. During the surgery at least one technician remains with your pet at all times to monitor anesthetic depth and your pet's condition. The dental suite has two high-speed drills for dividing teeth into sections before extraction and smoothing the bone before suturing. The dental x-ray unit is entirely digital, sending the radiographs to a computer in the dental suite. Radiographs are taken of each affected tooth, both before and after extraction. Post-operative pain medications or antibiotics are given as needed to assure a comfortable recovery for your pet. We will also send medications home with you. If you have any questions about the surgery or medications, just ask!

If you aren't sure if we offer a specific service that's important to you, please ask us. We may already offer it, or can refer you to one of our sister animal hospitals in the area, or one of our veterinary referral hospitals.