VCA Crestwood Animal Hospital Testimonials

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For the Love of Pets and People

-Sea Bleau from Ridgecrest, CA
Pet Name: Ebony

Crestwood is a wonderful veterinary facility filled with medical professionals and staff who care not only about the animals they serve, but their owners as well. I have been a client of Crestwood for 20+ years now and have seen the veterinarians change but the care, service, and love has remained. I have had doctors fight side by side with me to save my beloved pets, and have watched as they've shed a tear with me as I've had to say goodbye to those they have cared for because they too are sad to see them go. The staff are sensitive to the feelings of owners in such delicate situations, and they share in the joy of new additions as well. At Crestwood you feel like you are part of a family, not just taking your pet to the vet. You are taking your pet to friends who you know will care for them and will look out for their best interest, and yours as well. I hope they never change.


-eugenia from ridgecrest, CA

I have thought and thought about how to express my unending gratitude to an exceptionally intelligent and talented veterinarian, Dr. Cherie Decker, her excellent staff and her fine colleagues. I am still at a loss as to how to put into words the feelings I have for the extraordinary people who literally saved the life of my beloved companion Christopher as well as giving my other feline and canine companions extended healthy and comfortable lives.

Thank you.


My Vets Are My Friends

-Adelaide from Ridgecrest, CA
Pet Name: Minnie, Tiger, Wooley and Beets

The wonderful Doctors and Staff at VCA Crestwood Animal Hospital deserve a much-needed pat on the back. They have taken care of all my pets over the years and I wouldn't consider going to anyone else. There have been lots of smiles and a few tears, but I have never felt anything but compassion and genuine care for both my 'kids' and myself. When it comes to top-notch medicine, loving care and knowledgeable professionals, the folks at VCA Crestwood take the prize. P.S. All my kids are so anxious to get into the clinic and say hi to everyone that they almost pull me over! That's how nice everyone is.

Superb care, compassionate doctors and a wonderful

-Sheryl from Ridgecrest, CA
Pet Name: Lola

My dog, Lola, is part of our family and means the world to us - so of course, I want the best care for her. It was a welcome surprise to receive a follow-up call from VCA Crestwood's staff, inquiring as to Lola's wellbeing after a recent doctor's visit. I can't even get our "people doctor's" to do that! Superb care, compassionate doctors and a wonderful staff. One couldn't ask for more.

Fantatic Caring Staff

-Dennis and Elsie Soard from Ridgecrest, CA
Pet Name: Gracie Ly Spard

On the passing of our little girl Gracie Ly. I would like to thank VCA Crestwood Animal Hospital for the loving and caring way they helped us through this morning for the hugs and tears. Briana, Alex, Loren and Dr. Decker, you are the best and Thank You so much for your loving kindness.

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Thank you, Dr. Thornburg and Staff!!

-Betty Holtsnider from Camarillo, CA
Pet Name: Sabby

On 2/13/15 my beloved dog Sabby was bitten by a rattlesnake during a camping trip in the desert near Ransburg. She had received the rattlesnake vaccine by our vet here in Camarillo, but still we knew time was of the essence. I called ahead and the wonderful people at VCA Crestwood Animal Hospital were ready and immediately assisted us when we brought Sabby through the front door. She received excellent care by all those who attended to her and she has made a complete, uncomplicated recovery. I know several staff members attended to her and I thank all of them. But, specifically I would like to address Dr. Kate Thornburg: Dr. Thornburg you are an angel. You sat right on the floor in the back next to Sabby and did what was needed to help her and save her life. How can I say a proper "thank you" for that? I cannot. But please know that you are a gift to your profession and all the families and pets you serve. Truly, you made such a difference in our lives that day by saving our "fur-baby" who means so much to us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and God bless you!