Best Care Checkup

This is a wonderful SPECIAL PROMOTION to help you keep you dog or cat as healthy as possible.  Our Best Care Checkup is specially priced at $219 - and it includes detailed diagnostics to be sure your pet is receiving all he can at his annual exam.

  • Full "hands on" Physical Exam with one of our doctors to check eyes, ears, lungs, heart, internal organs, feet, lumps and anything else you are concerned about.
  • Wellness Bloodwork with Urinalysis  - This includes checking for signs of:  Kidney Disease, Intestinal Disease, Malnutrition, Diabetes, Infection, Inflammation, Anemia, Leukemia, Low Platlet Count, Addison's Disease and Urinary Tract function as well as a CBC. 
  • Fecal Test for parasites and Giardia
  • Heartworm Test  - Early detection is truly the best prevention for any disease or parasite.  With the Best Care Checkup you can know that you are providing the best care offered at a price that you cannot find anywhere else.  These bundled tests will keep you informed about your cat or dog's health and well-being.