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Excellent Service

-Kari from Covington, WA
Pet Name: Bowser

The staff at the VCA Covington Animal Hospital was AMAZING! We were worked in on a busy Saturday morning, greeted with many smiles and quickly in a room with the doctor. We had to leave our pet there for emergency surgery and the vet called personally multiple times to give updates on our pets condition over the next couple days. When we called for updates we were put straight through to speak with her directly with no waiting after hearing stories of how the rest of the staff had spent time with our pet and their personal experiences with her. They were SO friendly, kind and understanding, I can't even imagine having a better experience than we did there. We would HIGHLY recommend this clinic!

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Can't thank you enough

-Valerie and Josh MacAaron from Ravensdale, WA
Pet Name: Bam Bam

To the entire staff of VCA;

Your office will forever be recommended by myself and my family. When my daughter Tiffany arrived to let you know that Josh and I were en route with the family dog BamBam, you were all waiting for his arrival. The response was overwhelming. To know that everyone was waiting to try your very best to save his life is more than touching. Paula was not only compassionate, but also direct so we knew everything that was going on as it happened. I know the fate of BamBam was not due to the ever vigilant team that worked so very hard to save his precious life. You all understood the grief we were experiencing and did everything you could to help ease our pain. I am so very impressed with everyone there. Thank you so very much for doing everything you could to save BamBam. He will be forever missed, but to know he was in such good hands at the very end helps to ease a little bit of the grief, that is that all 100% due to your team.
On a side note, Paula where did you get that great purple Tully's cup you were so nice to let me borrow?

Great Staff

-Gerald Stewart from Renton, WA
Pet Name: To many to list.

I have been a regular client for over a year. All of the staff is friendly, professional, and caring. I only use Dr. Walls, and Dr. Brazeau because all of my animals are exotics. There are hundreds of reasons why I would never quit coming here. But I don't feel like writing a book right now. VCA Covington is the only practice in the Greater Seattle area that I trust with my Ferrets!


-Sheryl from Covington, WA

We have two dogs that have been cared for by the great team at Covington. When Sam was diagnosed with diabetes over a year ago the staff worked very hard on determining right dosage of insulin. Sam was a weekly visitor at the clinic for a several months and now we feel more like family than ever before. Sam and Virginia board at Covington and are treated like family. We appreciate everything you do The Wards

Thank you VCA in Covington

-Cristina Sims from Maple Valley, WA

One morning our dog needed immediate care for an infected wound. We could not get in to see our regular vet at another office - they were not willing to take us in until later that day, after 4 pm - would have been too late...I found the website of the VCA in Covington, called and got an appointment for that morning. We had the best experience with all the staff members, front desk and assistants. Very helpful and nice. We are very thankful to Dr. Julie Brazeau. She is not only very professional but also with a genuinely love for animals. The treatment she prescribed was straightforward and we could see improvement in few hours. The next day we got a followup call from VCA asking about our dog's status. We were very pleased and decided to register our dog as their patient. Thank you very much for being here for us and our pets!The Sims

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-Bonnie from Covinton, WA
Pet Name: Ice

About 2 months ago I had to put my dog Ice down. He was only 7 years old and it is believed he had a brain tumor and that is why he went down hill so fast. The staff at Covington VCA were so comforting to both me and Ice. I was so impressed with the way things were handled and how professional they were in such a time of crisis for me.
On another note 4 weeks before Ice had to be put to sleep my husband had picked out a new kitten for me and I knew I wanted our baby to get the best care possible and so now Storm is a member of not only our family but also part of the VCA family.
Thanks to all of you in the Covington VCA--You are the best and you will never know how much you mean to me and my family

Thank you Thank you Thank you

-Tom and Lori Patch from Maple Valley, WA
Pet Name: Penelope

I want to thank the everyone at VCA Covington Animal Hospital. We received the best service and care I have ever experienced. From the people at the front desk to the veterinarians and there assistants, all were professional and caring. I will recommend them to anyone needing care for there pets. Thank you again you have a customer for life.

Tom & Lori Patch

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-Spurr Family from Maple Valley, WA
Pet Name: Shelby

Shelby was lost to us from early cancer. She was a rescue but my children fell in love with her right away. The entire staff was so great when we got the surprise diagnosis. We had to go get our kids to say good bye and they took care of our beautiful girl while we rounded them up.

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Doctor Walls is a MIRACLE WORKER

-Cindy Holman from Renton, WA
Pet Name: Daisy

We had a very long and trying day with another vet last Friday and finally ended up at this clinic because our other one had closed. Our puppy had pain but they couldn't find the reason for it - even while sedated. She was favoring her mouth - but there seemed to be nothing wrong - however the pain increased by her many yelps, cries and screaming out. When we got to this clinic everyone was confidant in that there would soon be an answer. Dr. Walls was so friendly and made Daisy feel comfortable by letting her come to him so he could pet her. After being in the room with us for 20 minutes or so - he took her out explaining that he wanted to take a second look - and that he was not being mean to her. We heard him trying to pinpoint the problem around her mouth. When he came back in the room some minutes later he told us the good news - it was a TICK that had attached itself to the bottom of her mouth and he almost missed it because it was the same color as her hair. Once removed she was almost like her normal self again. That Dr. was my HERO that day!! I highly recommend this clinic and this doctor!

A first class animal hospital

-Mark and Judy from Kent, WA
Pet Name: Taco

We received wonderful care when we recently took our beloved dog Taco in for a check-up and to discuss some concerns we had. There were no long waits; the office staff was professional and caring. It became obvious to us while there that every animal that walks through their doors is a number one priority. Dr. Davis provided a thorough exam and addressed our concerns, providing us with a game plan to follow when we left. And she took the time to follow up with us later. The result is that our sweet five-year old beloved Taco acts almost like a puppy again. It is a pleasure to recommend VCA Covington Animal Hospital, and, of course, we will be lifetime customers.