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Making Things A Little Easier....

-Dr. Joseph Muscente from Yonkers, NY

This morning I put my 17 year old beagle to sleep. Of course, I was very upset. My doctor was incredibly helpful and compassionate. She guided me through the whole euthanasia process. I was glad I was able to spend those last few moments together with Bonzo who was so loyal all those years.

Long-Standing Trust

-Jessica L. Handelman from Bronx, NY
Pet Name: Chic L.G. Handelman

A few words to simply express our appreciation to County Animal Clinic. Years ago, we had a beautiful angel fall ill in her later years, and County went above and beyond in terms of kindness, honesty and forward thinking, paired with science and prevention. When she eventually passed, the compassion showed by the entire staff was a gift. Now, we have a smaller breed senior dog, but they've been with us since he was a young man, and through the years, they've done nothing but arrive with answers and emotional awareness. All the admin, drs, techs and handlers have, in my opinion stood out in a long line of over priced, extraneously zealous and not quite up to par clinics based in the city, and I have realized that wherever I may be in the state, I will find a way to get our beloved pets up to County. In addition, the specialists they've referred me to have yet to disappoint. I always mention County when people inquire about vets; I've brought my beloved pets to CAC since 1993, and they are still my first and best bet when it comes to prompt, clear pet care. Thanks so much!

our first and second visit

-Bailey aka Grumpy from dobbs ferry, NY
Pet Name: Bailey Irish Creme do I begin. first of all the staff is awesome. Dr. Pereymybida was an incredible doctor, and we thank you for a pleasant first visit. Our first time we needed help with Bailey's chip..Elissa is an amazing woman and with her dedication she knew what company the chip was from. We are so grateful. Then we met Massimo totally cool so helpful and a pleasure to have met! Finally we met Kristine, the first lady I spoke to for our appt. It was a wonderful experience and we thank you from our hearts!
The second visit was for Grumpy ummmm Bailey's grooming. Had the pleasure of meeting another team member Zeke, thank you for all your help. Sorry Bailey hissed!!!!Overall it went well, we are pleased with the outcome. He is like a new little kitten less fur and running around having a ball again...The groomers are quite the team, we love how he looks, and we thank you all for your dedication. We will see you all on our next appt...

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Barney Google Says Thank You

-Mark and Harriet Pine from Yonkers, NY
Pet Name: Barney Google Pine

All too often, people are quick to write about negative experiences and tend to spend little time, if any, communicating positive ones.

Barney Google is our 8 year old(?) Shih Tzu rescue. He has been cared for by special people at the County Animal Clinic in Yonkers, NY. Several weeks ago, a very serious problem was discovered by our veterinarian, Dr. Angelo Maggiolo. After blood test results revealed elevated liver function values, Dr. Maggiolo ordered an ultrasound and several other tests. The ultrasound showed a mass on both the liver and one of his adrenal glands. Prior to the consult with the surgeon, Dr. Maggiola sent comprehensive records to her. During the consult, the surgeon praised Dr. Maggiolo's diagnostic skills. She said that if he hadn't recognized the seriousness of the situation (large malignant liver tumor and enlarged benign adrenal gland, which necessitated immediate removal) Barney could have bled to death.

We also want to thank Dr. Maggiolo for his professionalism, expertise and concern through the years that he has taken care of many of our cats and our first dog, Waldo. So, "thank you," Dr. Maggiolo, for being there for Barney and doing everything right. Too bad human physicians aren't as conscientious!!!!

Kudos also go to Elissa, Hospital Manager; Zeke, Massimo and Kim; Lorelei, Christine, Erica, and Jasmine; Emmanuel, Darren and Elvis. If we omitted any other individuals who care for Barney, we apologize. Please know that we appreciate each and every one of you!!!!

And how could we not give Elvis, Barney's "best bud," a real special "thank you" We are grateful to him for giving Barney Google a medicated bath almost every week for the past 2 years. He always gives our dog the care and love which we know Barney truly appreciates (especially now, since his surgery). Barney adores him!!

What dog willingly marches into a vet's office wagging his tail, happily, whether it's for care, a bath, or for boarding. This says it all for the people at the County Animal Clinic.

With great appreciation,

Mark & Harriet Pine

Always happily surprised

-Christina Rios from Bronx, NY
Pet Name: Zen

We already have a testimonial here but I absolutely feel inclined to write a second.

We have seen 3 different Vets at the County Animal Clinic. Each time we had to see someone new, I would be a little anxious and concerned whether or not Zen would receive the great care he had received with the prior Vet. Each time we saw someone new, it was an even BETTER experience. You have to understand that every single one, was fantastic but somehow they just get better and better.

Dr. Young is Zen's current vet. He is so knowledgeable, so incredibly loving and unintimidated by the dog. I can't even express how excited I was after Zen's appointment. Going to the vet is never stressful for Zen and I greatly appreciate the vets and staff at County Animal Clinic. I have been to the worst of the worst and this place is THE best.

Kind and Compassionate

-Mr. and Mrs. Robbins from Norwood, NY
Pet Name: Rene Robbins

We are so very grateful to Dr. Young and all of the staff at County. We knew our little girl Rene was in the best of hands during her overnight stay and subsequent oral surgery.

Everything possible was done to keep her comfortable and alleviate her pain due to an infected tooth.

We now have a very happy cat who can show off a beautiful smile!

Thanks so much,
Rene and her parents

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Loss of a Pet

-Christine B from Yonkers, NY
Pet Name: Girl Cat

I just recently lost my pet who I had for 14 years. She was a beautiful domestic short hair, color black, female cat. We called her Girl cat. The doctor and staff were very compassionate and courteous during the time I brought her for the visit and last goodbye. My heart ached I blamed
myself. I can not forget the staff who was very consoling as I was leaving. Even though they were busy they all took the time to be comforting. We received a card from the Drs. and staff also expressing comfort to our loss. So from the beginning to the end these are the best care givers because they love and care deeply for our pets.

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Care When I was Under Temendous Anxiety

-Alecia Black from Bronx , NY
Pet Name: Jelly

I would like to Thank Dr. Emott for his superb care of my lovely daughter- pet named Jelly(Toy Fox Terrier). She means the world to me at 11 years of age a senior citizen doggie. She makes me truly happy and is a consistent snuggle buddy. Dr. Bradley Emott performed emergency pyometra surgery as well as breast tumor removal and tooth extraction on my Jelly. With all of this, I was under a lot of stress with very tearful and sleepless nights . But I was relieved after her overnight stay post surgery to find her in good health And as scaring- there is absolute none. The scalpel work he did is like magic- to say the least. The vet techs Lorelei and Stacy were also very caring and concerned with my comfort of- Jelly's as well as my peace of mind. The front desk administration staff is always pleasant as very helpful as well with all arrangements post and prior to surgery. I have be taking Jelly there for 11 years. My father discovered VCA Yonkers when going to the nearby Ballys Gym in the area years ago-to bring our other pet Rascoe- a Rottweiler, when he needed emergency surgery. Thank you all VCA Yonkers...

Two thumbs up forCounty Animal Clinic and Zeke

-S Shuryn from Fairfield, CT
Pet Name: Charlie

For seven years my dog, Charlie, was a patient with County Animal Clinic. 99% of the time, upon walking in we would work with Zeke on the pre-visit requirements and paperwork. Zeke was not only knowledgeable and friendly but also kept us up-to-date with anything Charlie had outstanding. Our experience with each vet was just as positive. They were always friendly and patient with us and helped keep Charlie healthy for the entire time he was a patient there. Overall, County Animal Clinic was a great place to bring my beagle and I highly recommend it!


-Precious Rodriguez from Bronx, NY
Pet Name: Precious

The care you pet receives here will be outstanding. They are so caring to our pets and so helpful when we have so many questions and concerns. Worth every penny to take our babies here. And the young gentleman in the front desk, Massimo, what a gem......He is so helpful.