VCA Countryside Animal Hospital Testimonials

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We are Family

-Barbara Bates from Houston, TX
Pet Name: Monroe

If you are looking for a veterinary hospital with the best staff and full service, you cannot do any better than VCA Countryside.

They take care of all my animals as if they were their very own. When my little dachshund Monroe was exhibiting some very strange symptoms, the staff went above and beyond to diagnose his problem. When it was diagnosed that he's diabetic, I was given several options to choose from and choices as to what I wanted to do. I have been to vet's offices where there is only one choice or option given to the client: The doctor's choice.

They have always beens with me through the difficult choices of losing a beloved companion and have always, ALWAYS treated that situation with the utmost care and concern. It's never been just a business with VCA Countryside.

You aren't a client with them, you're FAMILY!

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Superb Treatment

-Robin Adams from Spring, TX
Pet Name: Dakota

I have been coming to the Countryside Animal Hospital for many years now. I own a pit bull and every time I come in they make sure I have a room ready before I bring him into the hospital. Because of his breed, many people are afraid of him but not these professionals - they exude love towards him and in return he just loves to give them kisses. Thank you Countryside for such special care you display toward each of your clients. "Koda" loves you all.

Great caring staff

-Leslie from Spring, TX
Pet Name: Sonny

We just lost our little sonny and the staff at the clinic have been so understanding and kind. Thank you all for being so caring about our loss. You have been very professional and have touched base with us on everything we needed to know. Thanks again for taking care of our sonny!

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Grandma thinks Duke is Spoiled

-Karen from Spring, TX
Pet Name: Duke McLagan

Duke had his ears cleaned and checked over the weekend and he was so relaxed when he got home, he fell asleep with his toy in his mouth. Thanks Doc Schultz and your Assistant really did a great job on the cleaning.

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We love Dr. Washington

-Nina Van Skike from Houston, TX
Pet Name: Cordelia

My family and I just love Dr. Marlo Washington and her staff at VCA Countryside. She is a very kind and caring person and an excellent doctor. Unlike many veterinarians, she takes her time while caring for my pets and she always takes time to chat with me. It really does make a difference in how I feel going there. In the past, other veterinarians there have literally ignored us in the parking lot or while walking through the clinic. Dr. Washington ALWAYS has a smile on her face and greets us even if we are just there to purchase food or medications. I have looked for a doctor that I can trust to care for my pets for so many years and I have found the doctor that I want for my pets. I hope that she stays at VCA Countryside forever. Today I took my senior Cocker Spaniel mix in to see Dr. Washington. My poor old dog was in so much pain from severe arthritis. Dr. Washington and her assistant took their time to examine her and they were so gentle and kind while handling her. The assistant was so very helpful and carried my dog to my car since I recently had surgery. I am very happy with the care and attention that my beloved pets receive at VCA Countryside but if Dr. Washington were to leave the clinic, I would follow her to care for my pets elsewhere. She is a wonderful person and a very good veterinarian.