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    Chanel Nelson

    Hi my name is Chanel. I joined the VCA Countryside Team in 2013 just before the fall holiday season. I started working in this field because of the excitement and thrill the job brings every day. Every day is something new and challenging for our team. Working one on one with our clients makes it a more personal connection that we are here to help them in the best way. I love welcoming our clients and patients in, it gives them reassurance that we understand what they are going through. When I'm not working at VCA Countryside Animal Hospital I love being at home with my little babies of joy and my boyfriend Jose. I love being asked how many pets I have, and the clients are shocked to find out I have 5 dogs and a turtle. I have two Chihuahuas, two Dachshunds, and one Shih Tzu. Each one is special to me including my baby turtle. They can be a lot of work but I'm grateful that I have a loving boyfriend that is willing to help me care for them.

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    Monica P.

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    Roshell W.

    I joined the VCA Countryside Team in September 2007. The greatest joy I have in my position is my ability to work with pet parents and help them understand proper pet care. It bring me joy to see a smile on our clients faces when they receive a great experience by visiting our hospital. I look forward to seeing them return for continued preventative care and building our my relationship with our clients and patients. I also enjoy seeing our new puppies and kittens throughout their series of vaccine boosters and watching them grow and change into adulthood. Our passion here at VCA Countryside is to help pet parents care for their pets to see them have a happy, healthy, long time together. When I am not working at VCA Countryside Animal Hospital I enjoy spending time with my family which includes my husband of 40 years, four daughters, two grandsons and my 3-legged dog Iowa, and Italian Greyhound. I also enjoy watching cooking shows and trying out new recipes.