VCA Cottage Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Happy Dog

-Kathy from concord, CA

My first experience with VCA Cottage was very refreshing! My dog has some issues with strangers and new places; I was concerned on how this new experience was going to turn out. He was diagnosed with having a thyroid issue by another vet and we wanted a second option. We did not have a long wait until we were seen to our room where the vet tech (Sarah) was absolute fabulous, the tension I was creating was lifted by her cool calm and very friendly attitude. Sarah was very knowledgeable and asked some great questions how she handled by dog I felt like this place was going to be perfect. We did not wait long until the vet came in with a very comforting and peaceful attitude. Leslie Garrow was like an angel, she understood that my dog was uncomfortable and sat on the floor to help relieve his anxious nerves. It was very pleasant to have such a great group of individuals in one place. I felt that they actually cared to help resolve any issues to make sure my four legged friend was as healthy as possible. They focused on all aspects of the visit including going over prices so we were not surprised when the bill was presented. I now take all my animals to VCA Cottage and recommend them to everyone. I appreciate everything that they have done and do for us. They won us over when Leslie called the next day to make sure we didn't have anymore questions. It was a very nice and touching experience that questioned why I was with any other vet.