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Quigley's Story

-Vivian Lund from Cary, NC
Pet Name: Quigley

The team at Cornerstone have been our vets since we moved here in 1997 with our border terrier, Quigley. In late 2008, Dr. Shelly Cochrane suspected that Quigley had a brain lesion. She referred us to NCSU for further testing and an MRI, and Dr. Cochrane's suspicions were confirmed. Throughout this difficult time, Dr. Cochrane met with us often to discuss Quigley's disease, prognosis, and course of treatment. She rushed back to the hospital while out on a break when I brought Quigley in after a seizure, and helped us in every way she could to understand what we needed to do at each stage of the disease. I am so grateful to Dr. Cochrane and the team at Cornerstone for their excellent care of my dog, and their compassion for both humans and animals.

Like Our Family

-Kathy from Cary, NC
Pet Name: Jordan and Tucker

We are loyal clients of VCA Cornerstone Animal Hospital. They have been caring for our dogs since we moved to the area 11 years ago. We are treated like family by the Doctors, Technicians and front desk staff, and for that reason our dogs love going there. We always feel that we get expert care from the Doctors no matter how serious the problem (and we have had a few of those). The Doctors and Technicians always take the time to answer our many questions, and we never feel rushed through the appointment. We would never consider switching to any other hospital for the care of our dogs!


-William F. Bucher from Cary, NC
Pet Name: Bella

The entire staff of VCA is a very concerned group. They know our pet, Bella, intimately, and she knows them. They are totally familiar with her medical history, and treat her as if she was their own pet--which, in a way she is.

When we call for something, they know who we are and are treated with respect. Our wishes are acted upon with alacrity and accuracy. They have never recommend a treatment which has not been absolutely necessary.

I recommend this group of very professional, responsible, and like able people to anyone who needs vet services.


Compliments, galore, to Lori

-Lynn B. from Cary, NC
Pet Name: Lucy

Lori M. always makes me and my dachshund, Lucy, feel so warm and welcome at the VCA Cornerstone in Cary, NC. She is professional; knowledgeable; and amicable!! I commend VCA Cornerstone for having her on their staff!!

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Crystal's Cave

-Kelly C. from Cary, NC
Pet Name: Crystal

On Saturday, April 16th at 3:30p.m., Crystal's world came crashing down around her � literally. Crystal is a my 3 year old Great Pyrenees who lives as a Livestock Guardian Dog with her flock of 16 Shetland Sheep. She started her life horribly abused and thought she had found a safe haven at my farm. When the EF3 tornado left Sanford and rolled across the farm, she took refuge in her "safe place"; a hollowed out deep bole in a huge, ancient Sycamore tree. When I called to her she came out from under the trunk of the half that had come down and protected her from other falling debris and the 165mph, sucking winds. The barn and chicken coop were gone, the fencing was down or gone, but her sheep were alive and huddled in a low spot on the opposite side of the farm. After checking them out, she started wandering. I immediately panicked � where would I put her to keep her in? I called my good friend Dr. Melanie Falato at VCA Cornerstone who called her office and created a way for my big white bear of a dog to be able to stay. Crystal is afraid of people. Maybe I should say was afraid of people. Thanks to the kindness and attention of everyone in the practice, Crystal spent over 2 weeks being pampered and loved and came home still timid, but much more willing to approach strangers and even give a few sloppy kisses. She learned to open doors and greeted the staff as they got there in the morning. Oops, sorry guys. Without Dr. Falato and her wonderful staff, I honestly have no idea what I would have done with Crystal during those first horrible weeks following the tornado. While life is far from back to normal, she does have her flock back in a very small paddock and a new "cellar" under a giant root ball and an extra large crate she uses as her cave. She is back to keeping her flock safe from the predators on the game lands that surround me. I know that when we finally get the fields and shelters reconstructed, she will go straight back to the hole in the tree that is her safe place - her Crystal Cave.

Truly - A Miracle

-Jan Spielvogel from Cary, NC
Pet Name: Bacchus

Bacchus, our German Shepherd, is almost 4 years old. This year (2012) we began to notice that our 'guy' was struggling to climb stairs, not running or playing as much, and when he did, he struggled to rise and walked painfully. His back right foot also turned out causing him to look "wobbly". VCA Cornerstone examined him and shared with us the sad news that he had developed Degenerative Joint Disease - a/k/a osteoarthritis -- in his knees. His hips were starting to be affected as well, and his quality of life was going to be drastically affected. We did a search on the internet on the topic and found that Stem Cell Therapy was a possible option for him. We contacted VCA Cornerstone. Dr. Sonya returned our call, and her first words were .. "I going to share with you that I am very biased toward Stem Cell Therapy. Every animal I've ever done this on has responded well to treatment". I am here to truly testify that Bacchus is no exception. We scheduled the cell withdrawal on a Tuesday. On Thursday we brought him back in for the 5 injections (one to each knee, one to each hip and one intravenous). We brought him home with the understanding that it would take 4-6 weeks before we would see the full results of this work. I am sharing that in TWO DAYS we began to see results. At first we were skeptic -- are we seeing improvement because we so badly to see it or is it real? It was real. Within two days we could see him climb stairs more easily and more willingly than before. One of the first things we also noticed was that he sat "properly" on his haunches. Before the Stem Cell therapy he had a "lazy sit" -- sitting more on one side rather than straight on. We also noticed that his back right foot was turning out only slightly -- not like it had previously. It was truly a very happy day to bring him back for his two week checkup and show him to all of the staff. Everyone was as amazed as we were to see the improvements. We are so grateful to Dr. Sonya and to VCA Cornerstone for helping to expand and extend the quality of Bacchus' life. It is truly a miracle to witness our dog who now runs and plays like the almost 4 year old he is.