Veterinary Support

  • Technician Supervisor

    Murphy Jeffords

    Murphy has worked in the food and beverage industry for twenty years.  Though it was very interesting and fun, she had always wanted to work with animals. Murphy began vet tech school around two years ago and has been with VCA since May of 2014 and she loves it!

  • Technician

    Kyleigh Anderson
    Veterinary Tech School: Central Carolina Community College

    Kyleigh graduated from Central Carolina Community College in 2010 and was then licensed in the state of NC as an RVT.  She has been working in small animal private practice for five years and joined VCA in May of 2015.  Kyleigh has a passion for canine and feline dentistry, radiology and pharmacology.  She has been volunteering with Great Dane Rescue for the last ten years and has two at home along with two cats.  Kyleigh also has a horse that she loves to ride in her spare time she enjoys being at the farm.

  • Technician

    Karin Lundblad

    Karin is originally from Bethesda, Maryland she came to North Carolina in 2003 to study at East Carolina University.  She eventually made her way to Raleigh where she now lives with her puppy Radar and three kitties Jr, Minnie and Boonedock.  Karin has worked as both an emergency veterinary technician and a general practice technician.  Surgical and anesthetic procedures are just some of the things that she truly enjoys about her job.  Karin has been with VCA Cornerstone for over eight years and has a very strong bond with our clients and their pets!