VCA Conewago Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Total Compassion . . .

-Cathy Shrader from Glenville, PA
Pet Name: Snowflake

My pets are my children - and Dr. Statland treated my pet as if she were her very own . . . top notch service and total compassion to top it off! Thank you - YOU are the best!

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The Best Care

-Karen from Littlestown, PA
Pet Name: Pippi

I like to rescue dogs and VCA Conewago has been the best in helping me with mending, healing, and bringing them back to a normal life.

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Exceptional Care - Thank You

-Jen Krumrine from McSherrystown, PA
Pet Name: Max

Words cannot express the thanks I have for the staff at VCA Conewago. The care and expertise they provided for my dog Max, who fought a long battle with cancer, was exceptional. Thank you Dr. Bartholomew for all your recommendations and help. It truly was appreciated.

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The best care

-Denise from New Oxford, PA
Pet Name: Jinx and Jegs

My cats are my children, Dr. Statland and her staff are the best. thank you for the best of care

Simply the BEST

-Jim and Robin Culp from Hanover, PA

Hi everyone,

I wanted to tell you all a little story about our pet Max and all the people at Conewago Animal Hospital. To make a very long story short, Max was a 5 pound yorkie of ours and because of his size anything he got into he would get sick and I would always rush him over to the doctors and they would always see him with a smile. Well at around the age of 3 Max developed a collapsed Trachea and it was pretty bad, he always had trouble breathing and he was like our child and we were always taking him over for something and they never once told me no, they always fit him in even if they were busy and full. These people and doctors to me, are like angels for our pets. But Max lost his fight against this problem at the age of 5 but I will never forget the people that helped us give him 2 more years with us. We now have 2 more yorkies and they take care of them the same way. We would never even think about any other vets except for the emergency clinics they recommend and of course any specialists too.

THANK you all so much from Jim, Robin, Mickey, Louie, and of course Max!

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Best Animal Hospital Around

-Heather from York, PA
Pet Name: Echo

When my Jack Russell, Thomas, got sick a few years ago, I had taken him to my vet. After running many expensive tests, the doctor was still unable to diagnose him. His condition got worse quickly so I had to take him to a new vet, soon. I found VCA Conewago Animal Hospital online and I made an appointment. I met with Dr. Freese who ran the same blood test my previous vet had done and was immediately able to tell me his grim diagnosis and placed him on several medicines to help him fight. Sadly, he passed away a few months after our visit. When we had got to the office, he had stopped breathing in the car. The staff and Dr. Freese took great care of him after he passed. We were allowed to say our goodbyes and genuinely felt as if the staff were sorry. The cremation was quick and we received the ashes shortly after along with a sympathy card from the office. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this animal hospital! Now, me and my new pup Echo are very familiar with the way things work there. He has had the best care from his preventative immunizations to his neutering. I love this vet hospital!!!!!

Noelle and Dr Statland

-Sandy Hemler from Hanover, PA
Pet Name: Noelle

Just wanted to let everyone know that Dr. Statland is the best. She diagnosed and treated our chubby cat, Noelle, and she was feeling better within 24 hrs. Dr. Statland shows that she truly loves animals!


-Cathy Bury from Glenville, PA
Pet Name: Cubby

I brought my in-laws cat (never seen at the clinic) in last evening as an emergency. They waited for me to get there, close to closing time and took their time. Thank you Dr. Chan and the entire staff for your time & patience. Unfortunately we did not make it to the ER in time - but I can't thank you enough for staying late and allowing me to bring in a nonpatient of yours and trying to help.

Great team

-Donna Brown from HANOVER, PA
Pet Name: Annie

Dr. Armentrout and staff, Thank you so much for your concern and kindness during my Annies ordeal. We could not have been treated better. I would recommend VCA to anyone in need of help. Annie passed through the rainbow bridge to be with her friends. After I get settled in Florida I will get a rescue doggie in need of a new loving family. Thank you again, Donna