VCA Companion Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Test of Time

-Pat and Lee from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Carley

We have been bringing our pets to the VCA Companion Hospital on Eureka Way, Redding, CA for many years. The routine and emergency service has been excellent. The staff is competent, caring, and friendly. They have our recommendation. Pat and Lee

Best Vets and Staff in Redding

-Pam from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Sunny

I have been bringing my dog to VCA for 10 years. Dr. Suter and Dr. Lanning are great vets and all the staff as well. I know she is comfortable with them because she won't just let anyone touch her! Over the years the Docs have worked with us over allergies and aging issues. I must say that they have done what was good for my dog as well as working with me on expenses. I know my dog is comfortable and getting the best treatment possible.
Thank you VCA and Staff for all that you do for us.

Friendly care and service

-Christine james from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Belle and Molly

Thank you for your friendly care towards our two dogs Belle and Molly. We always feel they are safe and cared for when we have to leave them in the kennels and they smell so lovely on our return.

Frank the neighborhood cat

-Jill Kane from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Frank

When we moved in to our house there was an orange and white cat that was hanging out in the backyard. Whether he was stray or his owners died or left him, we didn't know, but he was in pretty bad shape. He had breathing problems, was skinny and had skin issues. He was very sweet and gentle though, so we named him Frank and started feeding him and cleared up his skin problems with ointments, and fattened him up. His breathing problems persisted though, and sometimes he looked and sounded so bad we thought we had better have him put down because we didn't have the ability to spend a lot of money on him and he seemed to be suffering quite a bit. So we finally brought him to VCA with the thought of having him put down because he was getting worse and had lost a lot of weight again. We asked Dr. Suther if there was anything he could try because we really didn't want to put him down if it wasn't necessary. The doctor suggested we run tests, but that was expensive, so he gave us the option of trying a shot of anti-biotic and some asthma medicine. Well, Frank started doing better within a day. He is now breathing well and eating like a little monster. He even plays now which he never used to do because didn't feel well enough. Thanks to the doc for giving us the chance to keep Frank around without spending a ton of money!! Frank thanks you too!