VCA Companion Care Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Total Trust

-Karen L. from Wausau, WI

VCA has been caring for my companions over the past three years, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Everyone in the office is so friendly, and our little ones are treated like they are as important to them as they are to us. They truly are family care focused providers, as they take time to listen and explain everything in layman's terms. They are gentle with my "babies" and compassionate. I'm so grateful to have them in my "extended family". Karen and John

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-Corona Johnson family from Wausau, WI
Pet Name: Corona Johnson

I would like to thank Dr Lisa and all the wonderful caring people at VCA in Wausau for the wonderful care they gave Corona during his devastating fight with blasto we have truly lost a member of our family and their professionalism and care during his last days and the days that followed with our concern over Hailey our other pet was unforgettable you are forever in our hearts and we will use you with all our future fur babies. thank you so much The Johnsons.

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-Stacy from Wausau, WI
Pet Name: Sammy

October 2010 started out as a normal day. I came home from work and found my beloved Siamese/tabby lying on his side in the living room. He usually greets me at the door, I knew something was wrong. He was burning up and lifeless. I rushed him to VCA Companion Care and he was seen immediately...I was terrified we'd lose him. Dr. Lisa Koch was so attentive to Sammy while keeping me calm. The entire staff was caring and concerned while trying to determine the cause of Sammy's sudden illness.

Through the hospitalization, the home care, the many questions, the tears (mine), and the recovery, VCA Companion Care (vets, vet techs, receptionists) guided us through it and Sammy recovered.

Sammy, Monkey, and Nugget (my three cats) are now all under the care of VCA and I've recommended them to everyone I know. I appreciate and value how willing they are to talk to me about my concerns but more importantly, I treasure how they treat my cats. They realize our cats are part of our family and they deserve the best care possible.

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Kindness for All

-Brittny from wausau, WI
Pet Name: Roscoe

Roscoe was my best friend for over 11 years. But last month he got sick and I took him into the VCA. Turns out my little guy wasn't doing so hot and was on his last days. I was in shambles to say the least having to say goodbye to a cat who wasn't only my pet but a part of my family. I have never met a vet who not only cared about my pet and how they were feeling but my feelings as well. I thank them so much for showing me and Roscoe such kindness, it meant a lot to me. When I am ready for a new little friend I will be taking him there.

A Life Saved

-Julia F from wausau, WI
Pet Name: Tigger

My family had taken our cat Tigger to another older vet for years. But when Tigger escaped her leash and got her leg bit, the older vets treatment didn't work and Tigger just got sicker. We almost waited too long but thankfully we took Tigger to VCA. The vet there gave her an injection in her leg to fight the infection and Tigger immediately started to get better. Shortly after that Tigger was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. With the caring council of the vets at VCA Tigger was able to live over 5 years with hyperthyroidism. She lived to the age of 21. Tigger never would have lived that long without the caring knowledge of the vets at VCA.