Client Services

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Ms. Elsie

    Elsie, our hospital, cat has been living at VCA Commonwealth since the year 2000.  She spends most of her days lounging around the hospital, greeting clients and their pets and eating the finest gastronomic delights.  Elsie loves to keep a watchful eye on all the patients while up on her throne, to make sure they behave and know who really the boss here is.  She loves her various treats throughout the day and she enjoys weekend stays and vacations at Christine's where she also rules the house.

  • Receptionist

    Linda Lam

    Linda joined our veterinary team in August of 2011. Before this she owned a jewelry business in Georgetown, DC but realized soon after, her passion and heart belonged in the animal field.  She currently owns 5 dogs named Princess, Kobe, Daiquiri, Martini and Kiki, 2 green finches named Jack and Jill and a spikey hedgehog named Pika.  She also owns chinchillas and previously owned a sugar glider.  During her free time she enjoys reading books, traveling and playing co-ed and women's flag football. 

    "I came into the veterinary field because growing up I kept trying to collect animals and soon became an animal hoarder with dogs, hamsters, sugar gliders, and chinchillas.... all in my room!  I do what I do because I like to give every animal a fighting chance."

  • Receptionist

    Christine Randall

    Christine has been working in the veterinary field as a receptionist since 1988.  She joined the staff at VCA Commonwealth Animal Hospital in October of 2011.  Christine was born in Washington, DC and raised in Vienna, VA where she grew up in a household filled with cats, dogs, fish and bunnies, so it felt so natural for her to venture into the veterinary field.  Her interests are reading, camping, hiking, and spending time with her family at the beach.  Her household contains two beautiful cats, Tallulah and Delilah and some occasional visits from the office kitty, Elsie.  Christine can't think of any better field than working in an environment where she can also make a difference in the quality of life for our client's beloved pets.

    "I've always had a soft spot in my heart for animals.  I feel fortunate to wake up every morning and know that I have a job where I feel that I am contributing to the good health of all the wonderful pets that visit us here at Commonwealth.  This is truly a dream job for me and I hope to continue it for years to come!"

  • Receptionist

    Janice Young

    Janice has been a part of the Commonwealth team as a receptionist and a groomer since 2013. She was born in the United States, but left this country for Australia when she was seven years old. She returned to the United States in 2011, and is now a permanent resident of Fairfax, VA. Janice has been employed in many capacities, including a groomer, veterinary assistant, pet store manager, tourism guide, farm hand and shelter worker. Back in Australia, she ran her own swim school business teaching adults and children the fundamentals of swimming. Janice has a myriad of interests including, all animals, being a mom to her two daughters back in Australia, swimming, anything outdoors, wildlife and wilderness reserves, horseback riding, crafting, reading, gardening, and assisting her new husband with his landscaping company.

    "From a very young age I was intrigued by animals... I grew up with guinea pigs, mice, snakes, birds, horses, dogs and cats.  As a child in Australia, I witnessed many animals being mistreated.  This prompted my need and desire to learn and how to properly care for animals.  I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience with others.  My love for animals also inspired an interest in flora and fauna, as animals in the wild are intimately connected with and dependent upon their environment and its surroundings.  I have always strived to make the world a better place for all those who inhabit it's space."