Reptile Veterinarian serving East Northport, NY

We are a full service, reptile vet clinic that provides care, diagnosis and treatment of reptiles. Including all types of snakes and lizards,

Reptile Routine Examinations

The best way for us to determine the current health of your reptile is through routine examinations. Mild changes in normals can quickly lead to problems. Examinations are essential, as reptiles tend to hide their health problems. Having the proper environment for your reptile is probably the most important factor for their care. Thorough discussions of your reptiles environment will be part of your reptiles routine examination. Dr. Torres will help you come up with the best setup for your home situation.

Reptile Wellness Examinations

We offer wellness screens to better aid us in diagnosing potentially hidden problems with your pet. A combination of laboratory and radiographic tests and thorough physical exam can give a better picture of your reptiles overall health. Liver, Kidney, muscle and even nutritional issues can be easily assessed with a small blood sample. Early detection in reptiles is key!! Don't wait until its too late!

Reptile Diet and Environmental Consultations

Proper diet and environment are the keys in your reptiles health. These are specific to each reptile, any changes can result in major health issues.Some foods can even be harmful to your pet. In addition to diet, many reptiles require mineral/vitamin supplements to maximize your reptiles health. Dr. Torres will advise you on the best diet for your pet.

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