Rabbit Routine Exams

Early detection of problems is extremely important, especially with Rabbits. Despite the fact that rabbits are relatively resilient against illnesses, rabbits will often succumb rapidly once a problem arises. This is why we rely heavily on routine exams to make sure your rabbit remains healthy. Potential dangerous illnesses include but are not limited to; dental problems, urinary problems, feet injuries, ear mites, and gastrointestinal issues. 

Rabbit Diet Consultations

By feeding your rabbit proper foods, you can prevent many illnesses we usually see in rabbits such as dental disease and gastrointestinal issues. Lower protein and higher fiber is usually the way to go. We can help you figure out what the best diet for your rabbit is. 

Rabbit Dental Prophylaxis

Did you know rabbit teeth will continue to go throughout their lives? This is why any dental issues in rabbits become major dental issues. Oral sores, anorexia and abcess formation can be caused due to mal-alignment. Here at Commack Animal Hospital, we can detect and help prevent any dental disease in your rabbit.

Rabbit Parasite Control

Rabbits can get parasites too! They can get mites from skin mites, ear mites, ticks & fleas; they are even susceptible to intestinal worms, which can impact your pets health. We can help rid your rabbit of any parasites as well as help prevent this from happening in the future. 

Rabbit Neutering

We recommend early spaying and neutering for your pet rabbit. In females, spaying can help with behavior as well as helping prevent the development of uterine cancer endometriosis, which are serious medical conditions in a female rabbit. In males, neutering can go a long way to help control aggressive behaviors.

Rabbit Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Surgical Procedures

Our top priority is to keep your rabbit healthy and help prevent illness. We have the tools necessary to help even the smallest of animals. From blood testing to radiographs, we can track down your rabbits problem. 

Give us a call and schedule your appointment today with one of our Exotics Veterinarian; Dr. Kari Pettit and Dr. Thomas Torres