VCA Columbia Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Debbie's Doc Shop

-Mary Lou Hill from Augusta, GA
Pet Name: Debbie

We have used VCA Columbia Animal Hospital since moving to the Augusta area in 2001 for all our pets. We wouldn't go anywhere else because the doctors are throrough and the staff makes you feel comfortable with their excellent, loving care.

People We Trust

-Robert Soule from Parksville, SC
Pet Name: Miss Tilley and Jose

We have been using this hospital to care for our "Best Friends" for 10 years. The doctors as well as the technicians really care about our pets and this shows with the quality of the care they give. Our pets feel comfortable with these friendly people, we have never had a problem with our pets being mistreated in any manner. They have been there for us in the good times as well as the sad days when your pet has to leave you. To sum it up, they are "People we trust".

Two Hugs A Day

-Joe and Julia Impink from Evans, GA

Our best buddy, Barney, is almost 17 years old and has been a client of VCA Columbia in Evans, GA, since a puppy. Until the last few years, the services were mostly regular check-ups. However, since retiring, we have boarded Barney while traveling. Initially, we felt guilty for "leaving" Barney, but we quickly realized he was getting love and attention from LOTS of folks while we were on the road. Once I requested (somewhat jokingly) that Barney be given two hugs a day in addition to the regular care. When picking him up after our trip, the discharge papers showed he had received a minimum of two hugs a day! And since, each time we board Barney, the staff automatically writes "Two hugs a day" in the special instructions. The entire staff REALLY loves animals and it is obvious from the time you check in to the time you leave. At VCA, you get excellent service ALWAYS!

Pet Image

The VERY best care anywhere

-Deanne Looper from Evans, GA
Pet Name: Baby Dill Jackson Bailey Bo

I have used the VCA Animal Hospital for 20+ years. Remember when the office was in the middle and there was a separate waiting room for dogs and cats? I CANNOT put into words how much the staff means to me and my babies. They are so thoughtful. They always remember my name and the names of my pets. I have a "special needs" golden retriever that will wait until Thursdays to see Dr. Arensman. What a special man he is! Karen is outstanding and I hope she NEVER retires. Zach is pretty special too, he always has a smile! I think Debbie loves my pets as much as me. I would HIGHLY recommend VCA Animal hospital. It is an extension of my family and I feel the FAMILY atmosphere in the office in worth it's weight in gold.

First Visit

-Jessica from Augusta, GA
Pet Name: Grace

I visited the VCA for the 1st time today & was amazed at how friendly & knowledgeable all of the staff were. I have never had a pet who didn't act afraid at the vets office, but my dog loved it there! They gave her so much attention & lots of treats! They were thorough & answered all of my questions (& I'm a new dog owner, so I bombarded them with questions). They even answered questions about my cat too! The thing I liked best about them, though, was that they didn't overcharge for their services or medicines, or try to sell me things I didn't need. I got my dogs initial vaccines from Petco & was supposed to return there to get her booster shot. I was quoted a price of $50 from Petco for the booster, the VCA will do it for about $12.50! Needless to say, my dog will be going back to the VCA for her booster shot & for every other need in the future!

Saved Samsons life

-Diana Langham-Dobson from Evans, GA
Pet Name: Samson

I have been using VCA for several years now and always had a good experience but this past week my dog Samson became very ill and was diagnosed with Parvo. Things were very touch and go for him and not looking good, VCA kept us in the loop and after his hospitalization took him in for day treatment and worked with me. This gave him the IV fluids he needed and allowed us to continue treatment at home. Today he is eating on his own and aside from all his weight loss you would never know how sick he was just a week ago. Thank you VCA staff for your help and for being a part of saving Samson.

Just Moved Here

-Dylan from Evans, GA
Pet Name: Carson

My family and I just moved here from Colorado. Looking for a vet for our puppy this location came recommended. All the staff are wonderful! They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Not only are they our vet but they also offer boarding and grooming! Our Dachshund puppy is vaccine reactive and the staff takes great care of him. I recommend this location to anyone in the area looking for a vet.

Biopsy Blues

-Michelle from Evans, GA
Pet Name: Rascal

I took my dog in for a simple biopsy procedure and when they did the lab work they found out that his kidney levels were high. The Dr. took the time to call me and go over everything with me. She even printed me out some handouts so that I could get familiar with this disease. My dog is fine and thanks to the friendly staff I know how to continue his care.

Special Thanks

-John Selman from Evans, GA
Pet Name: Ceaser

I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Nehring and her staff for caring as much about customers, as her patients. She has been a blessing and pleasant to work with. I feel like my dog is in good hands.

A Caring Team

-Denise from Evans, GA
Pet Name: Hercules and Fluffy

My family would like to thank the VCA Columbia Animal Hospital Team for the care, compassion, and professionalism they provided my family as we grieved for the loss of our loved ones. The VCA Team made the ordeal bearable. Hercules and Fluffy became a part our family in South Korea in 2001. They helped us raise our children, transition to 6 different military locations, and provided lots of love. They cannot be replaced and will be missed by all of us. I will treasure the VCA "Rainbow Bridge" story until I see them again. Thank you and God Bless.