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    Ashley Lahr

    Ashley joined out VCA family in April 2016.  Ashley is from Apopka, Florida and graduated from Troy University with a degree in sports management.  After working in the sports industry for a while, she realized it was not what she wanted to dedicate her life to.  Realizing her true passion, Ashley made a career change to be able to work with animals!  Her goal is to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible so that she can eventually experience the different career paths that are available in veterinary medicine. 

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    Hope Lowery

    "I got into the veterinary field because for as long as I can remember I wanted to know how to 'fix' all my pets when they were sick.  I love being involved in the process of diagnosing and treating animals.  And best of all seeing them get better!"

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    Stacey Ordowski

    "I had been a stay at home mom for 12 years and my youngest was going to start kindergarten.  I decided it was time to go to work outside the home.  I started taking online Vet. Tech. classes and thought that's what I wanted to do.  I was hired at VCA as a receptionist that would train as a tech.  I soon learned that what I really wanted to do was just love the animals and not be the one assessing them while they were sick or scared.  I love being a receptionist.  I've gotten to know so many wonderful people and their pets.  VCA is like a second family with all the wonderful clients and animals I have grown to love."

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    Morgan Ostiguy

    In 2007, Morgan came to the Baltimore area from Tennessee and joined our VCA family.  She is passionate about helping our clients and their pets.  Outside of VCA, Morgan enjoys hunting, crafting, her DIY home projects, and spending time with her husband and her furry family members Kimber, Puud, and Kit Kat.                                                                                                                                                                              "I applied to work here in May 2007 thinking I was going to be 'answering phones' and 'making appointments.'  I soon realized that my job is so much more than that.  It has shown me how much our furry companions impact our daily lives.  I know how much my animals mean to me and it warms my heart knowing I work in a field helping animals."