Veterinary Support

  • Technician Supervisor

    Shannon Latham
    School: University of Maine at Machias, Bachelor’s Degree in Biology

    Shannon has been working for VCA since February 2009. She has two rescue dogs Lexi an English Springer Spaniel and Madie a Pit-Bull Mix. Shannon grew up in Catonsville with her parents Jim, Linda, brother Patrick and sister Katie. She currently lives in Catonsville with her Husband Kyle and Madie. She has goals to go back to school and further her education. She likes to spend time with her family in their Delaware home by the beach. She is passionate about Team in Training and finished the Nike women’s Half Marathon in DC April of 2013, it was the first of many runs to come for her.


    "I never imagined having a job where I was not working with animals. My passion began at a young age when I wanted my dad to buy me a horse to keep in our shed.  Since then it has turned into so much more. I have had the opportunity to get to know some great clients and their pets.  It is an awesome feeling when you have helped the pets and the client leaves to greatful for fixing their best friend.  With this job, there are sad days and happy days, hard days and crazy days, but everyday is a great day when you get a kiss from a puppy!

  • Technician

    Katie Brown
    School: Gettysburg, B.S.

    Katie started working for VCA Columbia at Centre Park in May 2011. She graduated from Gettysburg College and has always had a passion for animals. She currently resides in Sykesville with her husband, Chris, their two cats: Cosmo and Cuervo, their dog Jenga and Snoopy the pony.

    "I originally ventured into the veterinary field just because I wanted to be involved in animal care. I did not know what to really expect and hoped I would enjoy my job.  Since animal care is an important part to my coworkers, the clients, and to me, we automatically make a connection and have a common goal; provide the best care possible to each pet. Although part of the day is consumed by daily duties, there is always time to interact with clients and their pets.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our clients and each pet always has an interesting story. It is even more rewarding when you can help a client and their pet through a difficult time by providing care and comfort."

  • Technician

    Rena McCullegan
    Veterinary Tech School: CCBC ESSEX

    Rena knew her whole life that Veterinary Medicine was apart of who she was. She joined the team as an Intern in January of 2016, as one of her requirements at Veterinary Technician school,  soon after it was clear that she was meant to be apart of this family, and in May of 2016 Rena officially joined the team as a technician. Rena has plans to obtain her Bachelors degree, and apply to vet school to become a DVM, and she says that luckily her adorable cats Honey and Max will be there to help her along the way!


    "Since the age of 7, I have always had a love for animals. I used to race home to complete my homework, then watch Animal Planet for the remainder of the day; I wanted to be like the DVMs I saw on T.V. and save animals."

  • Technician

    Sara Toptygen
    School: Salisbury University, Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology and Environmental Science


    Sara was born and raised in Maryland along with my older sister. She decided on a vegetarian diet by age eight. She had many pets growing up including a cocker spaniel named Lady. Sara attended Salisbury University to get her two bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Environmental Science. She currently lives in Ellicott City with her three children, a guinea pig named Wilbur and two African Clawed Frogs called Shorty and Slick. She will be marrying her best friend, Alex in May 2015.


    "Ever Since I can remember, animals have been a major part of my life and I could not imagine it any other way. I always knew I would have a career working with animals.  I attended school with the intention of eventually conducting research on sharks in order to facilitate their conservation. I took a wonderful detour into the veterinary field along the way.  Few things are more fulfilling than helping an animal along the way to recovery of keeping them healthy and happy."

  • Technician

    April Woodall

    April has been with VCA Columbia Animal Hospital at  Centre Park since March of 2005. April was born and raised in the veterinary field, her father was a highly respected veterinarian in the community for many years and she has been working as a veterinary technician for since 1993. April's compassion for all animals shows the instant you meet her. She resides in Ellicott City with her husband, Brian and her daughter, Kylie. A confirmed collie fanatic, April has three of her own; Wyatt, Chase, and Cooper.

    "I consider it a great privilege to work with precious animals because, like Albert Schweitzer, I hold a high reverence for all life. I strive to make a difference in the lives of animals and their human counterparts who come to our office with a need.  My goal is to provide comfort, assurance, and healing through sound medical practices, with patients and their families leaving the office feeling better than when they first came in.  Touching an animal's life in a positive and loving way is one of the most fufilling things I can do."