VCA College Park - Ana Brook Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thanks to VCA our dog Gidget was saved

-Domingo Family from La Palma, CA
Pet Name: Gidget

Our dog Gidget needed to undergo Pyometra Surgery to remove her severely infected uterus. We took her to see Dr. Caliolio & not only did he give us a thorough explanation of her condition, he made us feel at ease & assured us that Gidget is in good hands. They also offered us an affordable payment plan & in today's economy it definitely came in handy. Thanks to Dr. Caliolio & the wonderful staff of VCA College Park-Ana Brook Animal Hospital, Gidget is thriving & doing exceptionally well. We have two other dogs & it's comforting to know that VCA is there when we need them. Moving forward we plan on going to VCA for our veterinary needs!

You were there for Coco

-Tanya from cypress, CA
Pet Name: Coco

I just want to say that I was so very impressed with Dr. Caliolio! I have never been to VCA hospital before and had an emergency after hours--I burst into the back of his facility in a panic because my dog was choking and I thought I might lose her! Dr. C took over and looked her over and reassured me that she would be ok and to get her to the emergency in cerritos. Not only did he call and let them know I was coming he went out of his way to see us there and to make sure we were taken care of. What a nice man!!! So I will definitely make referrals to this facility and its great Dr.!! Thanks again Dr. C!!!! the ay....coco is 110% now!

Best Vet and Vet Staff Ever

-MJ from Garden Grove, CA
Pet Name: Monkey

We've been going through an extended & critical illness with my dog for the past several weeks and I'm so glad for the care she has received here. Dr. C. has absolutely poured his heart and soul into this case, going far far above & beyond the call of duty for my dog. The same goes for every single person at this hospital.

They've had to work on her every day for the last two weeks and she still loves to come here, pulling me through the door to greet every member of the staff. That pretty much says it all about the people who work here, their dedication and the love & kindness that the pets under their care receive. There is nobody better.

Saving Bambi

-Karen Dafesh from Cypress, CA
Pet Name: Bambi

Our dog, Bambi, was very ill with ulcers in her eyes. Because of the severe pain in her left eye, that eye was removed. She also started forming puss pockets all over her face, neck, chest, and abdominal areas. We took Bambi to VCA College Park to be treated for all of her problems. Dr. Mao and Dr. Caliolio were her doctors. Her diagnosis was a mystery to all and remains a mystery today. Bambi was near death, but the hard work and diligence of Dr. Mao and Dr. Caliolio is the reason that Bambi is alive and well today. The doctors and staff of VCA College Park instilled hope in our family, and after multiple hospital visits, Bambi had recovered. She is part of our family and we cannot thank them enough. The staff are all very nice and personal people, who treated us with utmost respect and compassion. Thank-you again for saving our dog's life.
The Dafesh Family

They are the best

-Keith from Cerritos, CA
Pet Name: Jazz

I have been going to VCA for awhile now. All the employees are great and seem to know me when I call, which tells me I call to often. I live right behind the VCA in Cerritos but I choose to drive 15 minutes to come here since Dr. C and everyone else is so great. I went here with my 1st dog and after I had to put her to sleep I now come here with my new dog. I will continue to come here and highly recommend this VCA. Dr C always gives me the high end and the low end option of what I want to do for my dog.


-Jeanie from Cypress, CA
Pet Name: Miles, Ranger, Bandit and Tucker

Our cat, Miles, has had three surgeries at VCA Cypress over the last 4 years for cancerous growths. Dr. C did a phenomenal job with the first two surgeries. The most recent surgery was just last week. The staff and veterinarians are so wonderful! Dr. Grove did this surgery and is awesome! They made the whole experience very comfortable for Miles and treated him with such compassion and concern. We have four pets, two cats and two dogs. I would only take them to VCA Cypress.


-Jean P from Yorba Linda, CA

I just recently lost my beloved Pet, Bentley. I came to this VCA College Park Hospital, in Cypress as a referral from the rescue group where I brought in my new dog. This dog is approximately 4 years old and incurred raw hot spots all over his body. I can't express my gratitude to Dr. Elizabeth Sable, and the entire staff that went beyond the physical examines to render service to this dog. The doctor was extremely proficient, as well as the staff. They were all very professional and showed extreme compassion. I would highly recommend the VCA College Park-Ana Brook Animal Hospital to pet owners without reservation.

Thank YOU Sarah and Michelle

-Nickie Black from Cypress, CA
Pet Name: Blueberry Mr.T Tata Ugly Cuz

My first encounter with Cypress CA VCA was when our dear Mr.T passed away and we needed to have him cremated. They were so understanding kind and economical. His ashes are now out to sea, which is perfect as Mr T. loved to roam around the neighborhood, which he did for 18 wonderful years. The second encounter was when Blueberry, Tata and Ugly Cuz all needed their booster shots. It was a monthly clinic and also VERY economical compared to other clinics. The parking lot was crowded and I thought great I will be here for hours. That was not the case. I was out within less than an hour with all the animals attended to very lovingly by both Sarah and Michelle. They handled them so carefully with sensitivity to their personalities. They are so organized, friendly and answered my many questions as if I had been going there for years. This place is so wonderful I would recommend anyone who needs great care with respect and kindness to go to them. I was very happy with my first and second visits and will definitely be going back to them. Thanks so much ladies!!!

Thank you VCA

Pet Name: Ciapek

I am recently retire and my budget is limited. I rescue little dog from people who don't need him. VCA College Park in Cypress, Dr. Elizabeth Sable, very fine person. She was very informative to me. All staff at that location are very friendly. I do recommend this Vet. place very much. Continue good work. Thank you very much.