VCA College Hill Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Wonderful People Here

-Jessica from Cincinnati, OH
Pet Name: Bacchus

The people at College Hill Animal Hospital are the best there are. I've been taking my dogs there for nearly 5 years and won't go anywhere else again. I used to travel constantly for work and had to take my dog to random vets all over the country when he needed his shots and check ups. As a result, he's had some bad experiences and really hates going to any vet. The people at College Hill are wonderfully patient with him. They take the time and energy to make sure my dog is calm and has the best visit possible.

My other dog is a very hyper puppy who loves to bounce off the walls and lick any hand or face he can reach. My vet and her staff are just as patient with calming him down from his excitement as they are with calming my big dog down from his tantrum.

I love my dogs, I love my vet and and I can't recommend anyone more highly than the folks at College Hill Animal Hospital.

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College Hill Location

-David and Diania Spriggs from CINCINNATI, OH
Pet Name: Sigmund and Quinte

The doctors and support staff are awesome. They are very professional and caring. Dr. Smith and Dr. McCarty have always been there for me and our pets. Dr. Smith is a saint! My male German Shepherd, Sigmund, has several allergies and digestion issues. Dr. Smith is always very patient and understanding with me and when it comes to My Boy I can be very emotional! We highly recommend the VCA College Hill Pet Clinic for your veterinary needs.

Excellent Customer Service

-Kathy M. from Cincinnati, OH
Pet Name: Sassy

I would highly recommend this hospital. They are very competent and caring. They make us feel like family when we bring our pets to them. Nancy, the receptionist always goes out of her way make us feel comfortable and important. We had our pet euthanized and she was with us every step of the way. Dr. Stratman is fantastic and we highly recommend him. He takes his time to explain things to us and is very caring.

My experience with College Hill Animal Hospital

-Carol Stander from springdale, OH

I have been taking my pets to College Hill for many years, as have my in-laws who are now deceased. We have received the best of care for our pets throughout the years. Dr. Kettering has been our vet all this time. He is a wonderful and knowledgeable person. One of our pets was saved by College Hill after she ingested some poison. I will never take my pets anywhere other then College Hill and Dr. Kettering.

Dr. Stratman

-Michelle Rowland from Cincinnati, OH
Pet Name: Bailey and Lucy

I just wanted to capture how grateful my family has been for the care provided by Dr. Stratman. We met Dr. S 13 years ago when we adopted our chocolate lab Bailey. Yesterday, Bailey passed. She was diagnosed in June 2007 with a fatal cancer and was given four DAYS to live. Instead, through the compassionate care, support and creative thinking on the part of Dr. S, Bailey lived to see 3 more wonderful YEARS. Trust my word, you will never find a more amazing vet than Dr. Joseph Stratman. When it came time to say good-bye to Bailey, I believe Dr. Stratman's heart ached as well. He truly loves and respects the animals and works with their humans to do the right thing for them. I like to think that my Bailey had a special place in Dr. Stratman's heart but if I'm honest, I am sure that each animal he meets and cares for takes a place there. Dr. S has taken calls from us, answered countless questions and has been our trusted partner. We would not rely on anyone else to care for our beloved animal companions. Thank you, Dr. S., for 13 years of unrelentless compassion and care. Bailey felt it and we did (and still do) too. We are truly grateful for your work and friendship.

The Staff

-Cat Conyers from Erlanger, KY
Pet Name: Cody, Tigger, and Snoopy

College Hill Animal Hospital is an elite clinic. My family has been seeing Drs. Smith and Stratman for over the past 14 years. We used to live down the road from the clinic years ago then moved away for awhile and then came back to the area to live in Kentucky. The drive to the clinic is worth it. The doctors are not only vastly knowledgeable in their field but they rank very high on the compassionate and listening skill levels too. It is hard to find a staff that works well together but VCA CHAH as succeeded beyond expectation. Thank all of you for all the support and care you've given (and give) our many pets over the years.

Great first visit experience

-Amy from Cincinatti, OH

I was referred to Dr. Smith by a family friend. I got a new puppy and told her I was extremely picky about my vet... more so than my own doctors. I have had some bad experiences in the past with other vets and was really looking for personal attention and an environment where I felt comfortable and welcomed . Dr. Smith was excellent! He took the time to make sure I understood everything we needed and even was honest about the things I didn't necessary need when asked. He answered all my questions which was very comforting considering I'm a new puppy dog mother. I never once felt like they were trying to pad the bill or rush me in and out. The entire experience was great and the girls out front were friendly and polite. Even the other customers seemed happy and friendly! I had read some reviews regarding their high prices. I think you get what you pay for and the charges seemed reasonable to me. I truly look forward to our next visit!

For The Love of Cleopatra

-Shaunda B. from Cincinnati, OH
Pet Name: Cleopatra Jones

Dr. Stratman and Team where so caring and understanding when the time came to say my good-byes to one of my best friends. My cat Cleo and I were more like roommates and traveled for nearly 15 years together. Cleo is finally at peace and I am very grateful for the staff at VCA! God Bless you all!


-Jenny H. from Finneytown, OH
Pet Name: Molly

We have been going to VCA College Hill Animal Hospital since it started. Both Dr. Ketring (retired) and Dr. Stratman have cared for our 4 Scotties over the years. Our current Scottie, Molly, is 14 years old. Last July (2013), she had a bad experience with an independent groomer. Dr. Stratman felt that we would possibly need to sedate Molly for grooming. Lindsay started with the clinic around the first of the year. She has groomed Molly twice. Lindsay does a wonderful job grooming. Molly did not need sedation as Lindsay really is a pro with animals!! Lindsay has a great manner with animals and Molly could sense it!!! Molly goes up to Lindsay right away. Lindsay's manner, knowledge and skill has made Molly's grooming a positive experience for both herself and her family. Thanks Lindsay!!!

Thank You For All You Do

-Paul and Nancy Mohr from CINCINNATI, OH
Pet Name: Honey

Last week, we lost our beautiful, 15 and half year old Cocker Spaniel, Honey. We rescued Honey when she was only a year old back in June 2001. Over the years, she became a loving member of our family. Since the day we brought her home, your office provided her routine care, boarding when necessary, and healing for various ailments. You always provided the best expert care; but, more importantly, you treated her as if she were your own. In her last year, Honey had some significant health challenges, as many dogs that age do. Time and again, Dr. Smith, Dr. Stratman, and your staff of dedicated technicians brought Honey back from the brink. And when her time finally came last week, you helped us and Honey with the same caring we had come to always expect. Thank you from the bottom of out hearts for all you did over the years to help keep Honey healthy, active, and part of our family. And thank you for making Honey's passing a little easier by your caring and professionalism.