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Published: May 02, 2011

A recent study, which will be published in Biology Letters, helps determine if female dogs are any smarter than male dogs. Researchers from the University of Vienna created a test to see if dogs would be able to register a ball that changed in size, but they did not anticipate discovering a difference between male and female canine cognitive abilities, according to Discovery News.

The researchers would throw a ball behind a wall and different size ball would appear on the other end. They observed the reactions of the dogs and concluded that most males did not notice a difference because they charged at the ball at the same speed, whereas the females stalled. In addition, it was reported that a neutered dog did not have a different reaction than those that were not, according to the media outlet.

"For humans, there is plenty of evidence for all kinds of differences between men and women in cognitive processes... so, you’d actually expect to find sex differences in quite a few places," a researcher from the study said to the news source.

According to MSNBC, the researchers expect that as they continue to conduct experiments, male dogs will seem smarter in other situations.