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Published: Jan 06, 2012

A baker's dozen of pit bull puppies were found abandoned in Jackson, Mississippi, last week. Local news station WLBT-TV reports that the culprit left all of their personal information on the box they used to get rid of their pets. The Community Animal Rescue and Adoption (CARA) agency took the puppies in and began to provide for them as best they could.

The pups are still so young that they desperately needed their mother. Orphaned dogs can suffer from hypothermia, dehydration and hypoglycemia without their mother, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Luckily, this story has a silver lining.

"We were bottle-feeding them, and the next day we went to close the box up and throw it away and found the name, address and phone number of people that actually did it," Janet Madden of CARA told the news source.

The staff at CARA went to the address listed on the box and persuaded the individual to give up the mother dog so she could continue to nurse her babies. Now, the pit bull puppies will be cared for properly.  Soon they will begin receiving the proper dog vaccinations and de-worming protocols by a veterinarian to get the healthiest start possible in life.