Our Pet Care Partners

Caring for all of your pet's needs takes more than we could ever provide alone. Here are some local organizations and businesses that we recommend to our patients and their families.

Pet Health and Lifestyle Information

We know a well-informed owner coupled with an expert veterinary care team is key to maintaining the happiness and health of your pet. That’s why we partnered with Vetstreet.com to bring you additional pet health and lifestyle information you can’t find on our website. Vetstreet.com contains a wealth of pet information written by leading veterinarians, journalists, and animal health care experts. Whether you are wondering about why your dog puts his head out of the window while driving, seeking a workout plan for you and your dog, or trying to figure out how to get your cat to take her medicine, VCA and Vetstreet.com are here to help.

Visit: Vetstreet.com

  • VCA Kennel Resort & Spa

    Resort living at its finest boarding facility

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  • Peter Zippi Fund

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  • Petloss Partners

    VCA Coast Animal Hospital is keenly aware of how devastating the loss of a beloved pet can be and and is committed to providing you with the support you may need to help you through this difficult time. Sandra Grossman, Ph.D. of PetLoss Partners offers both individual and group counseling at our facility. Her groups are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Sandra also offers both individual and group counseling in Glendale. Sandra can be reached at 818-421-1516. Ellie Freedman, MFT, of PetLoss Partners, offers the same services in Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. She may be reached at 949-315-5616.

    As always, VCA Coast is here to serve you and your pets with the highest quality of care.

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Pet Loss Resources

Losing a pet can be devastating, but you are not alone in your grief. The following online communities and resources can help you begin recovering from your loss.