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Published: Mar 07, 2012

If you are preparing for a big move, there are probably a number of affairs you are trying to get in order. However, dog owners must also remember certain steps to prepare their canine for the smoothest transition possible.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and if packing or other moving preparations are disrupting your normal routine, your dog is likely to notice and may feel anxious. VCA Animal Hospitals recommends trying to hide packing from your dog as much as possible. Try to keep boxes and suitcases out of view, and pack up the dog's supplies last. You should also be aware that older dogs or those with chronic illnesses like canine diabetes may be more sensitive to change. When you can no longer prevent your canine from noticing the change, it can help to designate one person to pay attention to the pet to quell any anxiety it may be feeling.

Best Friends Animal Society reports that it is important to keep pets safe and secure once you arrive at your new home, since they may try to escape and go "home." Start the same routine of feeding and play you had before to reassure your pet that life will go on as usual. Find additional tips on moving with your dog and helping them adapt to a new home at