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Published: Apr 16, 2012

Rain showers are common in April and they can be traumatic for dogs who have storm or noise phobias.

Some dogs are fearful of loud noises like thunder, and can have a variety of reactions. Some may tremble with fear, and others may try to hide. Still others may try to run away, injuring themselves in their panicked state and others may become destructive within the house. According to MSNBC, around 20 percent of dogs of all ages and breeds have noise phobias so severe that their owners seek professional help.

If your dog is suffering from a noise phobia, you should talk to your vet about a desensitization training regimen that may help condition your animal to the loud noises. Using behavior modification techniques such as systematic desensitization and counter-conditioning may help the dog accept the noises and reduce their anxiety during storms.

Because anxiety is not a physical dog or cat illness, the best treatment is often special training, not solely medicine. However, sedatives, anti-anxiety drugs and some calming pheromones can be helpful to soothe a dog's nerves if required, according to VCA Animal Hospitals.