Although we are here to see your pet anytime, we wanted to set aside a special day to honor all our feline friends and their families. Come and see what we have done to make your pets visit a more relaxed and stress free one.

• When you arrive for your appointment you will be escorted to one of our “Feline Friendly” exam rooms.
• You will notice a special comfortable mat on our exam table for your pet to rest on during the examination.
• We have also placed a “Feliway” diffuser in the room to provide your pet with a more relaxed and stress free visit. “Feliway” is an effective, natural way to control feline stress and can also be purchased at our hospital.

Once you and your pet have settled in, one our doctors will provide your pet with a thorough examination, and if this is your pet’s first visit with us that examination will be free of charge! Our doctors will discuss with you our core recommendations, including, vaccines, stool checks, blood panels and why they are important in the over all health of your pet.

It’s important to us that you and your pet feel like part of our hospital family. We aren’t satisfied unless our pet parents and their feline family members are comfortable and looking forward to the next visit.

Come and get one of our special “Kat Kits” that is stuffed full of helpful information for your feline friend along with products, pamphlets, toys, treats and much more!

We will also be raffling off a Gift Basket once a month during our “Positive Cattitude Initiative” Our Gift Basket will be full of toys, treats, products and a 6 month supply of Revolution….Estimated value is over $250.00. If you make your pets appointment on one of our “CAT-Ti Tuesdays” you will be entered into the drawing twice to increase your odds of WINNING!

Make your appointment TODAY!