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Saving Coco

-Betty and Monroe Cabine from West Linn, OR
Pet Name: Coco

Dr. Rachael Corrocher at VCA Animal Clinic saved my dog's life. I have a miniature pinscher named Coco. In January of 2008, Coco ingested some rat poison and the prognosis was very grim. This was a rat poison that was not well known and there seemed to be no antidote. I was told that Coco would probably not recover, her kidney values were at the extreme danger level and she was gravely ill. We were introduced to Dr. Corrocher who gave me hope that Coco might be saved. Coco by now was on constant IV treatments and hospital care day and night without much hope for recovery. Dr. Corrocher went the extra mile to research and find a treatment for Coco that just might save her. The new treatments were administered to Coco along with a barrage of medications prescribed by Dr. Corrocher for an all out assault on Coco's illness. We could see small changes in her lab results although her values were still on the high side. Dr. Corrocher was gentle and patient as she knew how much Coco meant to us. Months went by and finally the all clear was sounded after more than 6 months of treatment.

The staff at VCA were and still are very caring with a true concern for Coco's well being.

Coco is doing fine and celebrated her 12th birthday in Dec. of 08.

Thank you,
Betty Cabine

Alternative Treatments

-Ginny Schider from Lake Oswego, OR
Pet Name: Tilly

My husband and I turned to the VCA Hospital after the veterinary clinic we went to kept raising their fees. We had heard good things and, of course, wanted to go somewhere where the fees were reasonable. Our expectations were exceeded-not only were the fees reasonable, but the staff was competent, friendly and caring. Our Jack Russell had gotten kidney cancer and Dr. Corrocher's acupuncture eased his symptoms dramatically in just two visits. We love the fact that because of her specialized training, we have access to alternative treatment for our pets if need be.

Ranks at the Top

-Jackie Austin and Monty Ritchey from Gresham, OR
Pet Name: Too many to mention just one

Over the course of many years I have been to several veterinary hospitals in the Portland Metropolitan area and of these VCA Clackamas ranks at the top.

The veterinarians and staff are at the top professionally and at the same time they are very warm, friendly and caring. I and my wife refer to them as our VCA family.

We have complete faith and trust that they will give our "babies" the best care possible. VCA Clackamas goes above and beyond quality care. We love them!

Monty Ritchey and Jackie Austin

Thank you

-Julia from Milwaukie, OR
Pet Name: Gryffindor

My dog had another dog bite him at the do park today, nothing to serious but in some need of some sewing up. As it is a Saturday my vet was closed so I took him to the VCA NW. First I have to say everyone was so nice, especially Dr. Cassioli, and I was comfortable enough to leave my baby there. I was also afraid of the cost, but was actually shocked at how reasonable it was.....much better than my current vet prices. I now know where I will be switching my dogs vet needs to.Thank you for being so helpful!

Very Happy With Care

-Debbie from Clackamas, OR
Pet Name: Carlie

Carlie had gone to his vet early in the day and had his vaccines. Later that night he had a reaction to them and his neck and head started to swell and his breathing was labored. We rushed him in and they were so quick at taking care of him and so nice to all of us. I highly recommend them in a time of need! Will definitely go back. Also I want to mention that Julie from Clackamas Animal Hospital called to check on him and how he was doing a couple of days later. I thought that was very nice! Still haven't heard from his vet. Hope they know how much we appreciated all they did!