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Truly Caring

-Doug Bolin from Cambridge, MA
Pet Name: Yuki, Noodles

My wife and I have been together for over thirty years now and have had at least two cats in our lives since we got engaged. Our current cats, Yuki and Noodles adopted us about 18 months ago, and they are the second generation to be cared for by City Cats.

We've lived all over the United States and gone to a number of different vets. City Cats is the best by far. Everyone there takes a sincere, personal interest in each cat's health, well-being and happiness. The quality of care is unmatched. They're great with each cat's humans too. They've helped us to understand our feline companions better, to enjoy the many good times with them more fully, and to make it through the hard times as well.

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Random Acts of Kindness

-Emil Weinberg from Lexington, MA
Pet Name: Random

Last week, aged twenty, Random came to the end of his nine lives. He lived them fully, and City Cats helped to keep him going this long.

Nothing can make up for the loss of such an old friend. To be a part to his euthanasia was one of the saddest duties that I've ever performed.

It is against this backdrop that I found outstanding the care and consideration with which Dr. Leavey and the entire staff at City Cats treated both him and me in those final moments: From the well-designed and expertly executed protocol, which made the intolerable blissfully painless, smooth, and quick; to the extraordinary warmth and empathy with which they responded to the feelings I was unable to repress. For all of it, though having paid my bill, I am and will always be in their debt.

Superior care for your cats and you

-Susanne and Colin Blair from Arlington, MA
Pet Name: Maia, Mr. Reginald, and the late Pinot

Dr. Leavey and her staff are always compassionate, professional, and willing to make the extra effort to care for your cats. Over the years they have responded to the widely ranging needs of our three cats, always giving them superior care and taking the time to explain treatment and comfort us as pet parents as well. They have made a comfortable place for my cats to visit for their medical care, allowing even my most skittish cat to feel cared for and more relaxed. We cannot recommend VCA City Cats highly enough.

A wonderful place

-Jeanne from Arlington, MA
Pet Name: Emmy

I have been known Dr Leavey at City Cats throughout the lives of both of both of my cats. One of my cats developed lymphoma and she and the staff helped guide both my cat and me through surgeries, chemo and, eventually, euthanasia. As hard as all of that was, it really helped to have a doctor and staff who were kind and compassionate. I continue to bring my now 19 year old cat to Dr Leavey trusting her wisdom and judgement once again. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!