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My Left Paw

-Joe Owens from Cambridge, MA

In June, 2009, my wife and I were horrified to discover that our little Fluffy was experiencing paralysis on her left side. We called VCA City Cats in Arlington where the entire team mobilized so that Dr. Leavey could see her immediately. Fluffy was observed to be experiencing a neurological event and an emergency referral to a neurologist was made right away. The referral along with faxed medical records arrived ahead of us at the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital where Fluffy was seen right away. She has since recovered very nicely. My wife and I appreciate, not just the level of professionalism at VCA Arlington, but the genuine compassion and concern of the entire staff as well.

Emergency Surgery

-Joe Owens from Cambridge, MA

This is the second emergency involving our cat where the VCA City Cats in Arlington, Massachusetts responded quickly and effectively. Last Saturday, (busiest day of the week), I called to report an injury that our cat sustained. The entire staff accommodated us so she could be seen immediately and it was determined emergency surgery was required. Dr. Leavey offered to make the time in her schedule to do it, although suggested we might want to consider doing it at a hospital since a general anesthesia would be needed and because our cat has a heart condition. We chose the latter and our cat is recovering very well. We always know we'll get the very best assistance and care with the VCA in Arlington, MA.

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Dr. Landman is Superior

-Carlos Parducci from Arlington, MA
Pet Name: Noodles and Jax

Dr. Landman treats me and my cats with respect and dignity. She listens to our problems, is diligent, and has saved my cats from kidney disease. CityCats are thorough: everything from dental to psychological issues (not me, my cats) have been addressed.

I've seen other vets in the area (Cambridge, Arlington), on and off for years, but I keep coming back to CityCats and Dr. Landman. They are a match like peanut butter and jelly.

a very caring facility

-michelle drew from walpole, MA
Pet Name: brownie drew

i've been to quite a few of animal hospitals in the past years and the compassion and loyalty of these nurses and doctors are incredible they love all the cats there you can tell there a very special veterinary hospital and my brownie felt like he was at home meowwww thank you so much......... michelle and brownie thanx you tooo meowwwwwwwwwww he says

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Capacity and Compassion

-Veronika McDonald King from Arlington, MA
Pet Name: Lilly

I started taking my cats to Dr. Leavey several years ago, when one of my cats became suddenly ill and CityCats was the closest vet who could see me right away. I have always found Dr. Leavey and the rest of the staff extremely knowledgeable and compassionate about cat health both mental and physical. Dr. Leavey takes the time to explain what she is doing in detail, and the importance of each procedure, blood test, etc. Recently another one of my cats passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I called the office to let them know, and hoping for some explanation of what happened. Dr. Leavey called me back personally, and spent a great deal of time asking me about what happened, explaining why my kitty passed away, how to handle her remains, and even advised me how to help my other cat understand. I am so grateful for the deep caring and attention to her patients Dr. Leavey expresses, and look forward to being a client of CityCats for many years, and hopefully many more cats, to come.

Can you say awesome

-Elaine Lydston from Medford, MA

I was looking for a vet/groomer that would be up to the challenge of caring for my oftentimes difficult cat Sinatra. I came across City Cats Hospital while searching online and called to see if they would see him. They did within a matter of days and I couldn't be happier with the way in which they took care of not only Sinatra but me, his anxious owner. Dr. Landman was extremely patient with Sinatra, giving him time to settle down before she began his exam. She was both gentle and thorough. I've never seen Sinatra so calm and cooperative at the vet's office, ever. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. The entire staff (Drs., techs, groomer, receptionist) of City Cats are just wonderful. They are all caring, experienced professionals. Their love of cats is evident in the manner in which they conduct themselves and interact with not only their feline patients but also the patient's owner. I was so impressed with the care and treatment Sinatra received that I've transfered his medical records from the vet I had been using for 20 yrs to City Cats Hospital. They know, love and understand cats and how to deal with them. I couldn't be happier.


-Susan T from Watertown, MA
Pet Name: Nicole

I have been taking my cat Nicole to City Cats since I adopted her from a shelter a few years ago. Nicole clearly had a medical problem although the shelter couldn't determine what it was. I thought I'd be able to focus exclusively on this one cat and thus be in a better position to help her. One of my friends,who had been seeing Dr. Leavey for some time with her FIV+ cat, recommended her as being extremely thoughtful, very smart, and willing to work with difficult cases. She was so right! It turns out Nicole has IBD and Dr. Leavey and I have worked very hard to keep Nicole as healthy as possible. She has always explained procedures and tests to me, has been clear about the costs involved and has often offered suggestions about possible alternatives. She did not hesitate to refer Nicole to a specialist when that was needed.

The staff at City Cats are extraordinary too. Nicole was badly abused before she was rescued
and she has been an extremely difficult cat to handle, totally untrusting of strangers. The staff
are so understanding and do their best to handle her in a kind and caring way. It amazes me
that they don't go running when I bring her in. They are obviously professionals who have a real
interest in Nicole's well-being.

I'm so glad I found City Cats where I know my cat is in extremely capable hands. By the way, Nicole is currently stable on her medications -- we've even found a way to make her think they are treats.

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Two Cat's Best Friends

-Alex Foustoukos from Salem, MA
Pet Name: Gus and Max

We have two 18 year old cats, Gus and Max, and we've been bringing them to Citycats since they were about 5. Max is very sweet and doesn't mind going to the vet (he thinks he's getting the royal treatment and treats it like a trip to the spa), but Gus is quite another story. Gus gets so scared and upset, it usually takes Dr. Leavey and 2 vet techs in protective armor to give him as much of an exam as he'll allow. I've always been amazed at how caring and professional all the staff have been with both cats, no matter how easy or difficult the visit. Dr. Leavey has seen them through kidney disease, intestinal bowel disease, arthritis, hyperthyroid, tumors, high blood pressure, and more. I am convinced that Dr. Leavey and the staff's wonderful care have given both Max and Gus (and us) at least an extra 5 years together - and good years we continue to enjoy. They always spend as much time as needed to make sure we understand the issues and the different options. It's clear how much they love cats and how compassionate they are with them and their owners. Even though we moved from Arlington and Medford to Salem 3 years ago, we continue to get Max and Gus their primary care from Citycats. How could we bring them anywhere else?


-Chloe's Mom from Woburn, MA
Pet Name: Chloe

I had been taking my kitty to a vet in Woburn for several years. Each year, I felt a bit uneasy taking her there, but convinced myself it was okay. - Last year I decided to make a change, and made an appointment at VCA City Cats in Arlington, MA for my kitty's annual physical exam, shots and dental cleaning. I am extremely pleased that I chose VCA. I have found the care provided by Dr. Leavey and the technician who takes my kitty's medical history, to be absolutely exceptional, thorough and professional. They handle my kitty gently and kindly. The day after a dental cleaning, the technician places a follow-up call to ask how my kitty is doing. Dr. Leavey calls me personally to discuss blood test results, or other medical issues. I am confident that the care my kitty receives at VCA City Cats Hospital in Arlington is the very best. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else for her veterinary care.

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Long, but worth it, ride to City Cats

-Koopa, Calloway, Chicken from Waltham, MA
Pet Name: Koopa, Calloway, Chicken

City Cats is definitely not the closest vet to us but definitely the best. Dr Leavey provides complete care. She is the first vet we have found that takes both Western and Eastern medicine into consideration when taking care of our cats. Koopa has chronic sinus issues which are kept at bay by her daily medication and herbal remedies. Cal has asthma, with 70% of his lungs calcified, but runs around like a maniac chasing Chicken. He wouldn't be able to without his Kitty-Inhaler. All of us are confident that we are receiving the best possible care available.