VCA Chicago North Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Nika's Final Days

-Perez family from chicago, IL
Pet Name: Nika

We are very grateful to the staff and doctors, especially Dr. McNamara for their support, by phone and at office. We had to face the fact that our 20 yr old calico cat (a cancer survivor) and then with complications of renal failure. Thank you for your understanding, compassion and medical care 'til the end of Nika's life. THANK YOU

Only the Best

-Hyacinth Cabael from Chicago, IL
Pet Name: Roscoe and Chief

I have been to many vets, but have found VCA to have the best vets at comparable prices. They have a quality staff and deliver excellent service. I would not go anywhere else. I really owe it all to Dr. Roxanne Nelson at VCA North.

In October 2008 I took my beloved Roscoe to the emergency vet late in the evening to come and find out that he had a tumor in his lung that was making him ill. They informed me that he might not have but a month to live. I bursted out in tears and was so distraught. They to me to contact my regular vet to find out about putting him to sleep because chemo was something I could not afford and since Roscoe was older, there would really be no point. I contacted VCA in the morning and that is when my lifelong dedication to Dr. Nelson's services began. She calmed me down and told me that putting animals to sleep was the very least of her options. She asked me to try putting him on medication. I took her advice and it gave my Roscoe another 9 happy months on earth. She was very sympathetic to my needs. She was there when it was time to put him to rest. She is a great vet. She even sent a card to my home with a personal note. I even had her perform major surgery on my dog Chief. A few months after Roscoe passed, I found out my other dog Chief had toys in his stomach that he swallowed. Dr. Nelson had to open his stomach to remove the toys. He is now doing well! Thanks Dr. Nelson and the great staff at VCA North!!