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Thank you

-Kyle Higgins from Beacon Falls, CT
Pet Name: HoHum

Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Cheshire CT VCA Animal Hospital. You were over the top kind and caring with my 16 year old kitty, HoHum, this morning during his last moments. You all deserve a HUGE hug for the jobs you do...

Superb service

-Crystal and Joe Holick from Oxford, CT
Pet Name: Cookie

We brought our dog Cookie into Cheshire Animal Hospital on Sunday, May 30. From the front desk staff to the vet tech all the way through to the kindest vet ever Dr. Pickerstein. We absolutely recommend this vet in an emergency or for regular check ups. Dr. Pickerstein could have sold us on anything as we were desperate to have our dog feel well. He was extremely kind, gentle and caring. He told us to give it some time it really wasn't as bad as we thought. He gave us some meds to ease diarrhea and off we were. Very reassuring and listened to all our nervous banter. Thank You so much Dr. Pickerstein! You truly made our day!
Joe and Crystal Holick

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-Doreen A. Festa from Hamden, CT
Pet Name: CAPPIO

You all gave of your minds, hearts and souls. It will soon be four months since my sweet, handsome Cappio passed on, those of you that knew Cappio and me best will understand when I say it feels like fours hours ago and the bond we shared is ever present. Dr. Michael Suhie provided extraordinary medical care (a complex case to say the least), filled with constant compassion and understanding, he is a superb doctor and an outstanding human being, not a combination easily found. Because of Dr. Suhie's expertise, dedication and sensitivity I in turn received such a wonderful gift - my Cappio went on to live a year more than expected and he had a truly amazing, active and loving year. He loved life and the humans closest to him. Two months short of his 18th birthday he passed, Cappio was a fighter and a trooper beyond any compare!! To all the technicians and assistants who tended to Cappio everyday for so many months with your expertise, always so giving, kind, loving. Everyday you were there for my Cappio, everyday in every way! To all the staff and your never ending patience, your kind words, your love,I send my many thanks. Dr. Suhie, I recall reading this some time ago... so very true...

"W.R. called vets the noblest of doctors because their patients can't tell them what's wrong. The doctor has to reach, and he reaches with his heart." (from "The Company of Cats")

To all Cappio's Angels, I thank you from the bottom of my heart........Doreen

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Terrific Care for my Problem Cat

-Gail Gary from Hamden, CT
Pet Name: Pinky

I have this wonderful calico who needed surgery to remove cancerous tissue and lymph nodes along her right side. Her incision went from her collarbone to her lower groin. It was quite an operation for a little animal. The surgical procedure was expertly done by Dr. Weisman and she and Dr. Burstener attended to the aftercare. I usually saw Dr. Burstener, but they were both involved in making sure my beloved cat brat was recovering well. I did not know what to expect from this veterinary group as I was only coming there for the special surgery, which was more than my usual vet could handle. I found this hospital to be a place staffed with people of exceptional kindness and compassion. A very upbeat reception and tech staff, who were courteous and always good to me. I was impressed with Dr. Weisman's thoroughness and how Dr. Burstener made himself quickly available to my phone calls and attended to Herself, the Calico with great gentleness and concern. My cat has healed beautifully, and she is now some weeks on to the chemotherapy part of her treatment. Her surgery overall was a very positive experience, and could not have gone better.

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Great Staff

-Jessica from Cromwell, CT
Pet Name: Brody

I have not yet visited the office, Dr. Weisman was recommended by our regular vet, but when I called to schedule the appointment for my dog Brody Mike was so kind and caring. He did not seem rushed or frustrated like most receptionists do. He took the time to ask important questions and advise me on preparing for our visit. This just makes me feel more at ease going into a new office and hopeful that the actual visit will be an equally positive experience.

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-Doreen from Woodbury, CT
Pet Name: Triton

To the kind staff of VCA,

Craig, Maddie and I want to thank you for your attention and loving care of our precious Triton. Indeed, he was a very special boy. He gave our family joy and was always the life of the party. Triton taught our family very important life lessons; to live life to its fullest; get off your duff and enjoy the outdoors; and gobble up each moment as it might be your last. Even when he was suffering he offered a sweet attitude and trust.

You see, before we adopted him our Triton was a show dog and stud, most of his days were spent preparing for the show ring, time in his kennel or in a yard by himself. His breeder gave him as much attention and love as she could but it became clear to her it wasn't enough, we found him quite by mistake but it was meant to be.

I remember his first day at our farm; he was like a child in a toy store. He always made us laugh, when he played he played with all his heart and when he loved it was with his soul. Some say dogs don't have souls; well � I don't think those people know dogs as we do. I will never fill the void of his cuddles and kisses. Each evening he would hop in my lap and say thank you and I love you. My heart would almost burst with such love.

I am thankful for each day I had with my boy. While I am challenged with why he was taken from us, I will not be tormented with regret. We enjoyed every minute we had with him and he with us.

I want to thank you for many reasons. Your staff showed him loving kindness, patience and extended that compassion to our family. I know my boy is in peace and running with his ball in the fields of heaven. I just hope the angels can keep up! Peace be with you and yours.

Sincerest thanks,
Doreen Heal

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Thank you

-Brian and Bridget Ceruti from Southington, CT
Pet Name: Reilly

Dr. Donnelly and the technicians were wonderful. Our cat Reilly had cancer and had to be put down. It was a very hard process. Dr. Donnelly and the technicians were very methodical and caring during the diagnosis. They were careful to keep the costs down yet very sensitive to the emotional ties to our pet. It was a very difficult line to walk and we appreciate their approach.Thank you very much! The Cerutis

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Thank You from the bottom of my heart

-Beth Calabrese from Watertown, CT

I want to thank the staff at VCA Cheshire Animal Hospital for the wonderful care they gave my Molly. You guys have been very helpful and supportive to me in this stressful time. I thank you for your patience and for what you guys do. I found the facility very clean and the staff happy, helpful and supportive. I can't say Thank you enough. Molly is our baby and you helped her so much!

Our Boomer

-Linda Silva from Naugatuck, CT
Pet Name: Boomer

The Silva family would like to thank Dr. Dileo and the staff for the empathy they showed when it was time for our pet Boomer of 10 years to be put down on December 9, 2011 due to an illness. We had never visited the hospital before with Boomer but they made us feel like we had. Thank you again.

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Our Second Family

-Tara from Hamden, CT
Pet Name: Rin

I came to Cheshire Animal Hospital about 3 years ago when my white boxer- "Rin" was having some kind of allergic reaction. Although difficult to pin down what Rin could have been allergic to (she is a white boxer...) Dr. Carron and Dr. Suhie were able to get the reaction under control. Rin has had several emergency visits since including renal failure last summer when she was 5 years old. Rin's kidney levels were so high that chances of survival were grim. No one ever gave up on her! Every staff member took a vested interest in Rin's care, from the round the clock vets and technicians to the front office staff. I received regular hugs from behind the counter as I was breaking down for fear of losing my "little love". Rin is now 7 years old and amazingly her kidney values are back to normal (for her)! I know that if it weren't for the exceptional staff (who are like family to us now) at VCA Cheshire Animal Hospital Rin would no longer be with us. I have the highest confidence in the staff at VCA Cheshire Animal Hospital. The level of professionalism, care and genuine concern for all their patients is unparalleled by any vet I've ever known.