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What You Mean to Us

-Paul Cindy Henderson from Traverse City, MI
Pet Name: Britta, Dukie, Abby, Babe, Peanut, Cinnamin

Cindy and I think that all of you at Cherry Bend should know what you mean to us on this Thanksgiving holiday. You have been much more than simply the local Vet Hospital, you have become our friends, our support, and our encouragement that the World is truly a giving society. Dr. Korten, Beth Clute, Heather and the entire staff have provided our loving dogs (all 6) premium services, love, care, and warmth beyond what is expected in any veterinary clinic. You brought our Great Dane Britta back to life for us and have extended her quality of life through these holidays. You provided life saving surgery to our Red Healer Dukie and made sure that he gets the best care possible at Michigan State University Veterinary Hospital. Under Dr. Korten's personal care you have allowed our oldest dogs (Babe & Cinnamin) to function comfortably at 18 years of age. For us, you have worked miracles, solved mysteries, relieved pain, and most of all, extended our precious time with our loving dog family, all six of them. Dr. Korten, Beth, Heather, and the entire staff continuously show us a compassionate, caring, and professional service that we have not experienced anywhere else. On this Thanksgiving we thank all of you at Cherry Bend for all the hard work, dedication, loyalty, and love you have shown to our 6 dogs, and to Cindy and I. We will forever be in your debt. We wish you all the very best always!
Paul & Cindy Henderson