Your Pet Photos

Nicky - Maine Coone - 21 lbs. of love. The big boy of our group.

Charlie - Exotic Shorthair - Our Garfield Wannabe. Ya gotta love that face.

Ferris Buehler - Tailed Manx - What a sweetheart. This is what happened when the tail fairy visits a Manx household.

Willie - Ragdoll - His show picture. Marching to the beat.

Teddy - Exotic Shorthair - Our little owl. Gotta love him.

Paddy - Ragdoll - Show picture.

Frankie - Ragdoll - Gorgeous boy.

Sadie and Louie - Cocker Spaniels - Sadie and Louie visit the Easter Bunny 2012.

Sierra - Ragdoll - Gorgeous Girl Found on Craigslist

Sophie - Calico - Don't Pet the Fuzzy Belly.... It's a Trap!