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  • Sincere Thanks

    -Patricia Winiecki and Brandon Burrow from Riversid from Riverside, CA
    Pet Name: Sunny

    Pet Image We just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful service. We found everyone on your staff most professional. Whenever we would call, the staff always seemed very knowledgeable and most professional. I'm sorry we don't know most of your names, but please continue to do the excellent work as you do.

    Over the past few years, we were assisted by many of your doctors. We want to thank Dr. Beeley, Dr. Vollaro, Dr. Kinney, Dr. Fong, and Dr. Johnson. We had appointments with all of you over the years. Although you may not remember us, we do remember each of you, and were always confident in the service each of you provided.

    Our dear girl Sunny had hypothyroidism for the past 4 or 5 years. The doctors at your hospital monitored her status each time, making sure the thyroid numbers were as regular as possible.
    We were always most pleased with the service at Central Animal Hospital. Anytime the doctors said they would call, they did. Anytime we called and requested a call back, they always did. This was very important to us.

    Most recently, we noticed Sunny's loss of appetite, so we brought her in for tests. A few days later we brought her in a few days later, and were optimistic, as she had gained weight, and acted very alert. A few minutes later our worst nightmare was realized. Dr. Fong had the unfortunate job of delivering the test results, which were not good news for us. Sunny's kidney numbers were drastically high. We appreciate the time Dr. Fong gave us and the answers to all of our questions that day. We brought Sunny home with fluids and meds in hopes of a few quality days or weeks with her, but our dear girl was just too tired and did not feel well any longer. Her condition deteriorated drastically, and she would no longer eat on the 4th day. We chose to bring her in on January 9, 2001 so you could help her sleep and send her to heaven. We would like to thank Brandon for providing us with information prior to our visit. We would like to thank Roberta for her compassion and professionalism in assisting us that evening, and to Dr. Johnson for assisting us as well. The final moments were very peaceful and pleasant.

    Again, we are sorry we don’t know all of you by name, but please accept our heartfelt thanks to all of you at Central Animal Hospital for your dedication to our family members. We are devastated by the loss of our only child, and are also sad that we will not be seeing your wonderful staff regularly any longer.

    Best Wishes to you all. Sincere thanks,

    Sunny’s parents

  • Hazeldog and I thank you

    -Tina Romaine from Pomona, CA
    Pet Name: Hazel

    Pet Image I just wanted to thank you all again for the loving care and attention you gave to Hazel this last week. Seeing her so injured and us both being so traumatized when I brought her in, and then being able to bring her home within a week was the proof of how wonderful you are with the animals you treat, and how great the doctors and techs are that you have at your hospital. I will recommend you to anyone who loves animals like I do, because as I lay here with her on the floor watching her sleep, I believe she actually misses you all. Thank you for everything.

  • VCA's Compassion Made It Easier For Me To Grieve

    -Cathy Negron from La Verne, CA
    Pet Name: Harley

    When my 3 year old cat, Harley suffered a sudden stroke, I rushed him to VCA Central and the staff immediately jumped into action to try and save him. Unfortunately I had to make the decision to put him to rest. The Dr. and staff where so caring and compassionate when I went into the ER to say goodbye to my baby. A couple weeks later, we received a sympathy card from them, hand-written by the Dr. and staff. I was so touched by their kindness, that I've decided to take my animals there from now on. I've never had a more loving experience than with VCA Central. Thank you so much for all you did for Harley that day.

  • The Best Care for your Pet

    -Ana from Alta Loma, CA
    Pet Name: Kacy

    Pet Image I have been going to VCA Central Animal Hospital for many, many years and I highly recommend bringing your pets here if you are looking for a place that cares deeply for their health and welfare. They are also very friendly and have a great office staff, besides, of course, their wonderful veterinarians. I have my

  • Appreciation for Professional and Caring Service

    -Brutus' Family from Upland, CA
    Pet Name: Brutus

    Dr. Fong and the staff at VCA are truly caring professionals. I would highly recommend them to any pet owner who loves and cares for their pet as much as we did. Thank you Dr. Fong.

  • Lucky is Lucky again

    -Sara from Corona, CA
    Pet Name: Lucky

    Pet Image Lucky, our rescue Lab, managed to break her ankle by trying to jump up on our daughters bed. In the ER, they recommended Dr. Beeley, as he was the best at Orthoscopic Surgery...especially in this rare type of break. Dr. Beeley was able to see us quickly and took the time to thoroughly explain (and show us) to us how it happened and what needed to be done to fix it. He didn't make us feel rushed, in fact it was like we were his only patient. We put our trust in Dr. Beeley and it paid off! 30 Days later, Lucky is out of her cast, walking and even running...almost back to normal! Completely amazing when I think back to how her little leg hung in our hand with no connectivity just a month ago. We cannot begin to express how blessed we feel to have found Dr. Beeley!

  • thank you

    -Marilynn Kramar from Hacienda Heights, CA
    Pet Name: Dalilah

    8/16/12...Thank you for your care of our dog Dalilah. She passed away this afternoon. We think she had a heart attack. She wasn't feeling very good but this came on her suddenly. We are so grateful to you for the years you took care of her...especially with her diabetes. God bless all of you. Marilynn Kramar

  • Lucy the Beagle

    -Krissen from La Verne, CA
    Pet Name: Lucy

    Thank you to everyone at VCA who helped us and Lucy on Saturday June 16, 2012. Lucy had starting bleeding from the mouth so we took her to our normal vet. Since the situation took a turn for the worse on the drive to our vet, they had to refer us to an emergency vet, VCA. We were met with the most warmest and caring staff we could have asked for. They were honest and gave us many options and plenty of time to think things through. We were not rushed or pushed into any decisions. We didn't think Lucy was going to make it, but due to the excellent care she received, and her being the toughest Beagle ever, she survived. Without any hesitation, I would recommend VCA to any dog owner I know. Thank you again for saving Lucy.

  • Thank you for kindness and support

    -carol from claremont, CA
    Pet Name: Gem

    This Christmas Eve morning at 9:00 am I called to say our "Gem" was dying. You stated bring him in now. Needless to say "Gem" was dying and the doctor, support techs, and staff from the front to the back kept my husband and I comforted. We had Gem cremated. I wish to thank you so much for included his "paw" print on an easel.

    I was so out of my mind in grief I forgot the doctor's name, and all others while in the grieving process. You have been there for us over 30 years. Even my tortoise was treated and kept alive for 5 years. You have taken care of Sam, Ace, Buddha, Xena, Claudius, Annie, Hodja, Fellini Fettucine Alfredo and we have always been happy with your work, diagnosis, and treatments.

    I have yet to call you, nor get a card of thanks for this Christmas Eve. Just been in grieving and eating soup and toast. I felt the least I can do is give a thank you by this testimonial.

    You always have been there and supported us threw bad and good times. We will be bringing Ace Ventura for his appointment of wellness, remember he is a handful.

    Carol W.

  • Dr. Kinney

    -Gary from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Pet Name: Eva

    Pet Image I got my Siberian Husky when she was 4 months old. Originally visited another vet. Took her to VCA Central one weekend with an intestinal problem. Was lucky have Dr. Kinney on duty and she was wonderful. A truly caring vet. She is now my husky's regular vet and it's a pleasure to see Dr. Kinney. She is fabulous with the dog and always takes the time to explain things to her owner.


Specialty Care

Sometimes sick or injured pets need the care of a veterinary medical specialist. When that happens, VCA specialty hospitals work closely with the general practitioner veterinarians who refer cases to us in order to provide seamless veterinary care to your pet. When your pet is facing any kind of serious illness or injury, our specialty referral hospitals will provide the compassionate and expert care your beloved pet needs.

Our goal is to make sure that when you and your pet are in need that you have access to board certified specialists who are up to date on the very latest developments in their field. In our state of the art hospitals, our specialists also have access to the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tools and techniques from ultrasonography and endoscopy to CAT scans and even MRI.

As part of the VCA family, we have over 83 specialty hospitals across the US and Canada which provide referral specialty care, so there may be one near you. Our specialized services include: behavior, cardiology, critical care, dentistry, dermatology, integrative medicine, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, rehabilitation, reproduction, and surgery.

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Emergency Care

In case of emergency please call us at (909) 981-2855. We are open 24 hours/ 7 days a week to tend to your emergency needs.

We are located off the I-10 freeway on Central avenue in between Arrow Route and Arrow Hwy in Upland CA.

Please give us a courtesy call explaining your emergency so we can prepare for your particular situation in advance.