VCA Central Kitsap Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Compassion and Trust

-Julie and Lynn Stark from Port Orchard, WA
Pet Name: Xandor, Tausha, Rusty, Birdy

We love Dr Cook Olson. She has saved and prolonged the life for several of our dear babies. She has the utmost compassion for not only the animals but for you as well. Because of everyone's care and compassion here, this is the only place we will come to when it is time for our babies to a more peaceful place. Thank you so much for all you've done for us.

Impressed by the staff as always

-Jenny Cundiff from Silverdale, WA
Pet Name: Riley and Razzoli

We have been going to Central Kitsap Animal Hospital for almost 6 years since Riley was a kitten. I have always loved how genuine the staff was about their love for animals. With the recent addition of kitten Razzoli to the household, I was once again impressed by the caring and knowledgeable staff, specifically Dr. Blair and her assistant. As always, each time we come in for an appointment I am thankful that such a great team is available for our regular and if need be, emergency care. Thanks again!!!!

Cart for Denbigh

-Janet Johnson from Poulsbo, WA
Pet Name: Janet Johnson

Thank you, Dr. Blair for telling me how Denbigh might benefit from a cart. I took him to Whidbey Island (an easy trip by the Port Townsend ferry) and had him fitted at K9 carts. They were so experienced at fittings, and their cart fit so perfectly that Denbigh was playing soccer again in minutes. After two weeks he can run the ball past my speedy grandson team again. While his DM is progressing toooo rapidly, he again show JOY in living!

Eva's New Knees

-Riley and Marla Thompson from Whitehall, MT
Pet Name: Eva and Jojo

Thanks to the entire staff at the hospital and, particularly, Dr. Hickey for the exceptional care she gave Eva (and her parents) when we endured TWO knee surgeries (TPLO) when she was 2-1/2 years old. She is now 9 and living in Montana where she is still a hard charger and finds many rabbits, rock chucks and chipmunks to chase. She has caught a few but will trade them for a bite of cheese any day. We love her dearly and thank you all for giving her (and us) the love and care we needed to get through the surgery and recovery. You are all truly dedicated to the cause. AND, her brother Jojo is doing fine living in Montana and he sends his thanks too.

Pet Image


-Carolyn and Ray Sulak from Port Orchard, WA
Pet Name: Smokey

The staff where so kind and wonderful to us when our 7 month kitten drank some liquid potpourri. I was so scared but they eased my fears. Today Smokey is doing very well and is back to his wonderful little self. Thank you to all the staff at the hospital. Carol and Ray Sulak

Pet Image

It pays to drive the distance to CKAH

-Kelly Meehan from Port Townsend, WA
Pet Name: NEMO

On a weekend or weekday ~ the hour long drive was well worth it to get my cat help. My cat is doing great as of this morning after not eating for several days or using the litter box. These guys understood my budget. For almost the same price of going to a small town Vet for just an assessment... My animal received the help it needed: Assessment, attention, fluids under the skin, antibiotics all for nearly the same price as going in for just an assessment at my local vet. Open 24/7 and the Staff was incredibly helpful and patient while I figured out what I was going to do. I noticed 4 or 5 other happy customers at a time. Everyone was gracious and kind and happy to be there.