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Mikey Karlinsky-Barber

-A VCA Cedar Animal Hospital patient from Minneapolis, MN
Pet Name: Mikey Karlinsky-Barber

Sending you a big smile to let you know I feel great. Thank you for making me better.

Your friend,
Mikey Karlinsky-Barber

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Radish Renee

-Robin and MacKenzie from Spicer, MN
Pet Name: Radish Renee

Here are a couple of pictures of Radish Renee we thought you would enjoy. Thank you so much for saving her life and taking such good care of her. We sincerely appreciate all of your patience with us and your wonderful compassion and care of our pet.

Robin and MacKenzie

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-Stan from Minneapolis, MN
Pet Name: Spartacus

Thanks to everyone for the health care and friendly environment you have provided Spartacus over the years. Your support and heart felt caring during Spartacus' recent health crisis is deeply appreciated by Spartacus, Brian, and Stan. He pulled through and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the Cedar Animal Hospital for many more years.

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-Andy and Jim Winick from Minneapolis, MN
Pet Name: Maxine

Maxine Wilhelmina Wells von Winick came into our lives in December, 1997. Maxine became a patient at Cedar Pet Clinic, first of Dr. Baillie, then Dr. Un (Burrill) and saw Dr. Erica Olson. Dr. Olson diagnosed her with probable Cushing's Disease. Maxine was 8 years old. We followed her alkaline phosphatase and kidney tests and she stayed "well" although showing signs of advancing age until March, 2009. In one week, decisions had to be made concerning her life. I knew I wanted palliative care for her and it served me well. On March 28, 2009, she was put to sleep in my arms by her favorite Dr. Burrill at VCA Cedar Animal Hospital. She was pure, unconditional love and will not be soon forgotten. What a beautiful little life!
Andy and Jim Winick

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-Jake and Amber West from Minneapolis, MN
Pet Name: Arthur

To the VCA Staff- Thank you for your help and understanding. Thanks especially to Virginia for your kind words. Thank you to Dr. Blake for giving us another few weeks with our wonderful Arthur. And...Dr Prinz,
You have no idea how much your kind ways meant to us. Thank you for allowing us the time to say good-bye to our little guy, and showing such kindness and love to a little creature you had just met. We only wish you'd have known him at a better time in his life. It comforts us to know someone like you is there to help in such terrible times.
Thank you, Jake and Amber West

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Thank you from the bottom of my and Franky's heart

-Samantha Dean from Minneapolis, MN
Pet Name: Franky

To Dr. Prinz and all of the other doctors...(I think I've seen all of you)...thank you for always being so kind and so helpful. From my first visit with Dr. Monroe when I was in tears, to the visit today, Franky has been treated so well and you have put me at ease so many times. You and your staff are amazing and I cannot begin to tell you how much you make both our pets and ourselves feel a bit better in tough times and situations. I have nothing but the best to say about VCA Cedar Animal hospital and will continue to be a "frequent flyer" whenever Franky needs it. Thank you so very much, Samantha

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Aki and Aspen

-Amy from Minneapolis, MN
Pet Name: Aki and Aspen

Dr. Blake,
I'm writing to thank you and your staff for your wonderful kindness this past year as we had to put our two cats down, most recently Miss Aki. I was able to call and 5 minutes later I was in your office. You dropped everything to take care of us and I never felt rushed. I know you must have had many clients waiting for us since the waiting room was packed. But you gave me the time I needed. You and the entire staff at Cedar have taken such good care of our 2 cats--for 19 years. When and if we're ready to adopt again, we'll be sure to bring them to you for care. Thanks again.

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True Tortoise Love

-Jen from Minneapolis, MN
Pet Name: Andante and Adagio

It's hard to find a vet who will even agree to treat a tortoise, much less a vet who knows much about them. So I am very grateful for the excellent care that the VCA doctors have provided for my sweet little tortoises. Thanks to the VCA doctors, I expect them to live very long, happy lives together.

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-Ryan from Bloomington, MN
Pet Name: Qwert

We realized late in the day on a Friday last fall that our guinea pig Qwert was sick. We were very worried, because we had read that guinea pigs can go downhill fast. Even though there was not much time before the clinic was closing, they encouraged us to bring Qwert in. Dr. Prinz stayed and ran tests and took care of Qwert past closing time. Qwert recovered and is now just fine. We are very grateful for her patience and dedication.

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A Heartfelt Thank You

-Larry O. from Minneapolis, MN
Pet Name: Lita and Fozzie

I would like to thank Dr. Burrill, Dr. Blake and the entire staff for the wonderful care they have given Lita & Fozzie over the last 13-14 years. Dr. Blake, you watched both of them grow from little puppies into their mature years, providing thoughtful and loving care. Dr. Blake, you gave me more time with Lita, treating her arthritis with acupuncture. Your warm and gentle manner helped calm her down for the treatments. The staff was always there with a friendly welcome, loving pets and of course Lita & Fozzie's favorite, to get treats! The last 6 months have been been very difficult, with the loss of both of my "kids" and your concern and understanding have been greatly appreciated. From the bottom of my broken heart....Thank You.