VCA Catoosa Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Kind, compassionate, and Patient

-Kim Abston from Ringgold, GA
Pet Name: Shari, Hannah, LaiLah Moon

Dr. Scott Fisher has taken care of all my pets for over a decade now. I currently have three miniature Dachshunds (one able bodied, one who is paralyzed, one going blind) and Dr. Fisher has taken care of all three of them since they were tiny puppies. He is kind, gentle, compassionate, and patient--not just with my little dogs, but with me, the person who worries constantly about them! Dr. Fisher always takes his time and makes thoughtful diagnoses, he listens attentively to my observations and concerns, and is careful to see to it that I fully understand the treatment plans he decides upon. Thanks a million Dr. Fisher!

Vets who care

-Robin Saucier from Ringgold, GA
Pet Name: CJ, Bud, Bingo, Zeus, Kelly

I have been bringing my pets to Catoosa Vet Clinic for many years. I have had some ups and some downs with my animals through the years but the staff at the clinic could not have been kinder. The Vets talk to you in a language that you can understand and guide you through the difficult times. I would do anything for my pets and the doctors there helped me know when it was time to make the difficult decision.

I don't have the words to express my gratitude to the Vets and all the employees at the clinic.

Thank all of you for all you have done for Otis and Gator who are both waiting at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

God bless all of you.

Robin Saucier

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Outstanding Service and Value

-Tim Mason from Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Pet Name: Gage

We have 5 weiner dogs, a beagle and a min-pen. The Vets take a in depth interest in our our dogs. I am very satisfied with the dental care that all my dogs receive. I am a firm believer in dental cleaning for my dogs.
Enclosed is a picture of Gage.

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Special Help

-Suzanne Headrick from Rock Spring, GA
Pet Name: Reeses

Driving home from work at 7:30 am, I passed a small dog in the road. Thinking it was deceased, I stopped to just get it out of the road. She lifted her head, as to say, "oh, your here to help me!"..Another lady stopped in the other directions to stop all traffic until we could get her into my truck. I tried to reach the family, (I always see this pup and her dad sitting at the end of their drive-way), no answer, so I took her to Dr. Fishers' office. They were all very nice to me and extremely attentive to her. She stayed for 3 days and I got to return her to her family. (I still have a bill to pay, I haven't gotten a response from the doggies owner, to date.) However, thanks Dr. Fisher and staff for working with me through my tears and made this situation better for that sweet dog. Kudos to a great group of people who definitely define the words "team work"!!!!

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Home Again Chip

-Tim Mason from Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Pet Name: Puppy

My name is Puppy. I am a rescue dog. My owners rescued me from two pit bulls that would not let me eat. I was starving and thirsty. The big dogs beat up on me. Fortunately, my next door neighbors saw I needed help. They took me to VCA Catoosa in Ringgold and had a full medical work-up. I am fine now thanks to the staff at the clinic. I just got a Home Again chip in case I get lost and a nice nail trim. I have a nice big fenced in yard and plenty to eat and a warm bed to sleep in.
Thanks VCA for taking care of me.
You are the best. (I like the yellow tag too!)

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-Debbie Donaldson from Rock Spring, GA
Pet Name: Dusty

I can not thank the staff enough for all their kindness. I had to have my 20 year old cat Dusty put to sleep this afternoon. I called ahead to let them know we were coming, I requested to see Dr. Fisher (but I like all the vets there). They told us we could wait in the car and they would come get us, they knew how upset we were. When they came and got us we walked right into the room, there were two techs waiting on us. One took Dusty to put in his IV, the other did the paper work including letting us pay so we could leave quickly afterwards. Dr. Fisher was so compassionate you would have thought this was the first one he had done (he also did two of my other cats with cancer). The whole experienced ended with a hug from Dr. Fisher me telling me I was doing the right thing.

Taking care of Rascal

-Lisa Wooden from Ringgold, GA
Pet Name: Rascal

I can't really remember what year I first brought Rascal, but she was really sick. The other vet where I was taking her told me I was stupid that I was watching Rascal too much and nothing was wrong with her. Dr. Rogers seen her and just by looking at her he knew she was in pain and sick. She had an Immune Disease and they put her on Predisone and after months of her on this drug she recovered fine. She is now 9 to 10 years old and she is back at the hospital sick. Don't know if she will make it or not, but I just want to say thanks for team that this Vet has. They are always nice and treat my babies as if they were theirs. Thank you and God Bless you all. Thank you Dr. Rogers for everything you have done for Rascal and Charlie. Thank you for treating us kindly when we had to put one of our babies down.

Lisa Wooden

Always helpful

-Debbie from Rossville, GA

I have been taking my domestic animals to VCA for years....I am also a licensed GA rehabber and they are always very knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions and needs.

Excellent Dental Service

-Tim from Fort Oglethorp, GA
Pet Name: Minnie

I wish to thank the ENTIRE staff at VCA in Ringgold for excellent dental cleaning and extraction for Minnie. She is one of those dogs, much like people, that will need a twice a year exam instead of one to maintain good oral health. She has her energy back and is eating well. Best of all, her breath is sweet again. No foul odor. Thanks again to Dr. Brad and his staff for attention to detail and a job well done.



I always like the staff and Vets at this clinic they are very reasonable priced I have always been satisfied with the care and attention they provided they seem very professional