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Love of ALL

-SANDY from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Katie

I cannot find the words for the GREAT work that the staff and Dr. C. McGowan does every day to help our furry family to stay healthy and happy.

Castle Shannon Animal Hospital

POOP #3 Just got back from the BEST VET, DR. McGowan at Castle Shannon Animal Hospital.... Poopie Katie is holding her own thanks to the great caring Staff at Castle Shannon... Thank you for the love and caring you have given Katie and me.

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-Julie from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Bruno

I wish there were special people in everyday life and occupations like the staff at Castle Shannon. The love and care each of them showed Bruno has touched my heart and made the loss of him a tad easier to bare. Thanks each of you for treating him always as special as I did myself. I miss him horribly but take comfort that he had the best care.

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-Katie Kirk from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Katie

For the past two months I have been bringing Katie Kitty to Dr. McGowan and the staff at Castle Shannon. Katie is known as to Katie Poo Please cat. Back and forth over night stays was truly driving me crazy. We didn't know why. We thought it was megacolon, but xray showed nothing. Dr. McGowan didn't give up even when I was ready. Katie is 13 and I did say no surgery. Today Katie is still with me, on meds. and doing good. They have been kind and knowledgeable. They showed me how to do IV fluid at home. How to give yucky meds that Katie did not like. Katie has her ups and downs, but now more ups than downs. THANK YOU the staff from the front to the techs to Dr. McGowan for loving and caring for me and Katie Kirk the poo kitty...

My Loki

-carol w from elizabeth, PA
Pet Name: Loki

I want to thank the entire staff for the care given to my Loki on 1/29. He got very sick quickly and had to cross the Rainbow Bridge the next morning. The staff was wonderful to me and Loki. They are kind and understanding and I know they did everything possible to help him. Thank you all so much.

Very Knowledgeable and friendly

-DUANE from West Mifflin, PA
Pet Name: Sumo

Had to bring in my Lhasa Apso Sumo in at 2:30 am due to stool problems. He was in pain and shaking. I called and came right in and was met 1st by James and was really nice then was introduced to Dr. Iosiv and they both took great care of him and was done quickly. This hospital is now going to be my puppies primary Vet. Thank you guys again for taking great care of my baby boy.


-Susan and Jason from Carnegie, PA
Pet Name: Castor

I can't say enough good things about the staff at VCA! Our poor 7 year old cat, Castor, had a variety of bladder issues and at times, we weren't sure if he was going to pull through. During the 6 days that Castor spent in the hospital, the staff exceeded our expectations. They made special accommodations for us to visit him in the "kennel" and the doctors were always willing to meet with us and answer our millions of questions. We received frequent call from the DOCTORS updating us on his progress. We love them so much, we are now using them as our regular vet. From the bottom of our hearts, Jason, Pollux (his brother) and I thank you for taking care of our little buddy! We will be forever grateful!!!!

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Thank you for your compassionate care

-Jeanne A. and Mary S. from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Rachael

Thank you for taking excellent care of our dog Rachael on Easter Sunday. You all made a very stressful and sad occurrence bearable - from the moment we arrived to the time we left. Special
thank you to Dr. White for alleviating Rachael's pain and suffering, to the wonderful receptionist for her support, and to the techs who assisted in her care.

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Awesome Care

-Ripley from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Ripley

I just wanted to thank everyone that took care of me while I was in the hospital. I remember Dr. Breneman, Shara, Missy always told my mom how I was doing. There were many others but I am too little to remember everyone's name. I know she was worried since she only had me a day, when I got some virus called Parvo and had to stay here. Everyone took great care of me and now I am home chasing my sisters and I even chased snowflakes today.
Thank You Again

Great vet hospital and staff

-Angella from Lawrence, PA
Pet Name: sarge

I rushed sarge to castle shannon when i found out he had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. I really thought I was going to lose him. Then I met Dr Mikoloski and he put my mind at ease telling me my dog would be fine. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. My dog got better in a day and a half because of the prompt care they gave my dog. I would recommend this animal hosp. to everyone.

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When Sophie Earned Her Wings

-Cheri C. from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Sophie

I was not aware until this very minute that testimonials were posted on this site and I must take the time the thank Dr. Carey McGowan, even though my sweet baby girl, Sophie, Long Hair Chihuahua, earned her wings last August 2013. Sophie had multiple issues, the worst being diagnosed with a tumor in her liver 3 yrs. prior to her death. When I received the bad news that the tumor was indeed cancer, I cried for days thinking I would lose my baby girl quickly. I asked Dr. McGowan to please keep her out of pain and she assured me that would not be a problem. Sophie lasted 3 years after her diagnosis due to the wonderful care of Dr. McGowan. Sophie wore a tiny Fentanyl patch for pain which had to be changed every 5 - 6 days. This is a powerful pain med that is also prescribed for cancer pain in humans. Sophie lived 3 yrs., pain free, tumor growing but she was a happy baby, ate well and played with her brother, Gibran (Pom). One would never know she was living with cancer had I not made them aware. She stopped eating 4 or 5 days before the time had come that I had always dreaded, Dr. McGowan said I would know when. I looked into Sophie's eyes, she was down to 5# and we both knew it was time. It was truly one of the saddest days of my life. That was Aug. 22nd of 2013 & I remember that day like it was yesterday. Dr. McGowan took care of Sophie that day & helped me through the tears & heartache as I wrapped my baby girl in her pink blankie & took her to her grave site which I had already chosen. I cried for weeks, couldn't talk about it without the tears flowing. A few weeks after Sophie passed, I rec'd a card from Dr. McGowan telling me it's the hardest decision any pet owner needs to make & assured me that I made the right decision. She also told me to remember all the wonderful years I had with her, She was 18 yrs. old when she passed. I still have that card, it is very dear to my heart. When a vet tells you that you are a wonderful person & a great pet owner, it makes it all seem a little less painful. Thank you Dr. McGowan, I couldn't have done it without you and I will be forever thankful for the love you showed my little angel:)