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Dr. Carey McGowan

-Sally Reid from pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Sassy, Hero and Elsa

I met Dr McGowan about three and a half years ago. It was at a very difficult time, for our eleven year old Golden Retriever needed critical care due to his advanced cancer situation. We went to VCA Castle Shanon Animal Hospital for the proper medical advice we were searching for. The end result was very sad, but the care and wisdom of what was needed, was excellent. Our new Veterinary at that critical time was Dr.Carey McGowan She responded with explaining important issues that we had to know, for healing on our part.
We continued with the Hospital and asking for Dr McGowan when possible. Our current fourteen year old Golden Retriever, now has some age related health problems. Older dogs often need special care, sometimes simple maintenance care. Very recently Dr. McGowan evaluated a few of Sassy's problems with her usual professional knowledge. This knowledge with our oldest dog has improved her health, even at her age. We have two other Golden Retrievers that have benefited by Dr. McGowan also.
When medical issues come up they are explained with care, then Dr. McGowan will give us options and decisions are made.
We have had Golden Retrievers for over thirty years. Obviously, having dogs as long as we have, there has aways been the need of a Veterinary. Some have owned their own practices, others on staffs. When a client builds a re pore with an individual Veterinary it is very rewarding. The one that this relationship benefits the most is of course, is the owners beloved pet.
As with humans, when there is a relationship with a Doctor, a Doctor, that we put our lives in their hands with trust, faith, respect, it is often essential, rewarding and comforting. I find it as true with Veterinary care as well. This is an example of how I feel with having Dr Carey McGowan as a Veterinarian for our beloved dogs. She is intelligent. knowledgeable and caring. A friend in many ways.....
Sally Reid


Above and Beyond

-Maureen Nemscik from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Bella and LJ Bean

Everyone in this place goes above and beyond. That is why we have trusted our "babies" in your care. Fantastic bedside manner in every member of the staff. Thank you all!!!

Dr. McGowan

-Sally and Dale Douglas from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Murphy

Dear VCA Castle Shannon,
Recently we lost our dog Murphy. In the past 9 years we have been steady clients at your facility. About 3 years ago we discovered Dr. McGowan. Dr. McGowan has been a great joy to work with over the years. Our dog Murphy took to her immediately. We want to thank Dr. McGowan for always being there when we called with problems, for always returning those calls, and for always making excellent recommendations regarding his care. She was and is a very good clinician. We have appreciated her and your entire staff for the love and care of our best friend and beloved dog Murphy. The days are still very long and we still think we hear him in the house, but we know that he is in a better place and finally out of pain. Again, thank you all.

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Saving Ruby

-Aniko Nalevanko from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Ruby

My husband and I would like to thank everyone at VCA Castle Shannon for their quick action and assistance in the emergency services of our dog, Ruby. Ruby's accident was a scary moment for our family, but thankfully with superior care from the veterinarians, technicians, and front desk staff at VCA, she is doing just fine and will completely recover. We can't thank you enough for saving our girl.

Excellent Emergency Care

-Joel Minjock from Pgh, PA
Pet Name: Sadie Buddy Yellow cat

Just thought I'd drop a line to say how great your emergency care staff are. On three occasions I have been to VCA for emergency care-twice with my two Jack Russels and once with a ferrel cat that we have cared for over the past several years. On all three occasions the experience with staff was excellent. We just came home from your facility and I felt compelled to write and share this experience. On this occassion we met with Dr. Hladio who handled our dog with great care and thoroughly examined and explained what she found, so much we have decided to switch our regular check ups to your facility. Thanks for eveything.


-Rich S. from Charleroi, PA
Pet Name: Night Raven

I have been to many vets over the years but I Castle Shannon animal hospital pleased me the most. Dr. Hladio checked my dog (Night) from head to toe then informed me of my choices about treatment and cost. No pressure and was never talked down to or rushed. While you can find cheaper places, I don't know if you will find better.

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Thank you

-Mary Mackay from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Max

As a client of VCA for more than 13 years now, I have had so many good experiences with the veterinarians and staff at VCA.

I wanted to thank everyone, including Dr. Woosley, Dr. McGowan, Missy and all of the wonderful caring staff members. Everyone at VCA was so very supportive, sincere and caring with Max and our entire family.

I will always appreciate your support during this difficult and unexpected loss of Max.

Mary Mackay
Erma Mackay and family

Maxwell McGuire
September 19, 1996 ~ June 23, 2010

Thank you for your care of Oscar.

-Lisa Wintner from Mt Lebanon, PA
Pet Name: Oscar

We want to send a thank you to Dr. Mark Boccella and your staff for the loving care of our dachshund Oscar during his last year. Oscar had a host of medical issues and the focus was always on his comfort and care. We know that we did everything we could with your advice and help and we will always appreciate the kindness shown to us when we had to make our tough decision to end his suffering.

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You're Fantastic

-Tammy and Bill from Cecil, PA
Pet Name: Oscar

We want to thank Dr. Breneman and all the staff at VCA for their care and comfort during the loss of our 15 yr old fur-son Oscar. Our little Doxie boy was at the end of a long battle with Cushing's disease, and Dr. Breneman was confident and compassionate in helping us to do the humane thing to end his suffering. We have complete trust in VCA and are thankful for the skilled staff and 24/7 availability, it is worth the drive and we will continue to bring our other fur boys to visit.

Dr Carey Dr Mark

-mike from monongahela, PA
Pet Name: lazzer

I would like to thank Dr Carey and Dr Mark for all you did to try to save our pet this aug. we will never forget all you and the staff did for our dear pet. sorry it took so long but the end was a shock to the family. may you all have many years of caring for of the pets world.