Our Team Overview

VCA has an excellent reputation in the pet health care industry and many things of which to be proud. We have established the largest small animal private practice post-graduate education program for veterinarians in the world, and employ the largest group of veterinary specialists of any veterinary care company. We are proud to have over 3,000 veterinarians, and more than 14,000 skilled pet care providers, support staff and managers on our team - all working to ensure that patient care, accurate and timely diagnostics, and quality medical outcomes are job #1.

At VCA, we strive to provide the finest quality pet health care and excellent client service in a warm and friendly environment. We build our client's confidence and trust in our abilities by demonstrating our genuine effort to exceed each pet owner's expectations. The strength of VCA lies in the close connection between the VCA Animal Hospital network and Antech Diagnostics, the clinical laboratory system. The combination of the two entities gives VCA a unique position in the pet health care industry and allows us to give our clients the highest level of service possible today. We strive to give you and your pet an affirmative experience each time you visit one of our facilities.

We have 12 veterinarians who practice both general veterinary medicine and emergency medicine. We employ ten licensed veterinary technicians, fourteen technicians/vet assistants. We have a full staff of two pharmacy technicians and over ten front desk personnel to assist you with all your pet's needs. Most of our staff have worked at VCA Castle Shannon over 5 years, and even over 30 years! We enjoy working together, and love treating patients showing compassion while still providing the best veterinary care. Most of the staff have multiple pets of their own, from dogs, cats, snakes, birds and pocket pets. Many of our pets were rescues and we greatly enjoy partnering with the local shelters such as Animal Friends, Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and Animal Rescue League.  We work with many rescue groups to provide sponsorships, working at community events and helping animals who are still looking for their forever homes.

At VCA we take our mission statement ---Your pet's health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal - very seriously. So, when you visit one of our VCA Animal Hospitals or have tests conducted at our laboratories, you can rest assured that you and your pet are at the center of our attention.

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