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  • Acupuncture

    -Shelba McInnis from San Antonio, TX
    Pet Name: Ricochet

    Ricochet, my 14 year old Min Pin was diagnosed with three crushed discs that fused themselves together. She was on Steroids and pain meds and had regressed to the point where she walked unsteadily, frequently fell down, and couldn’t get up by herself.

    Because she stays in the house by herself while I’m at work, I worried that if she fell, she’d have to lay there all day until I got home. That’s not quality of life, so although excruciatingly painful for me, I had to consider the possibility of putting down my babygirl.

    As a last resort, my Vet suggested we try Acupuncture. I was shocked by the suggestion and definitely had my doubts, but was willing to try it as a last resort. The results were nothing short of a miracle! I actually saw improvement after the first session, but by the end of the month (eight sessions), Ricochet was walking and running. She didn’t fall down anymore and when she layed down, she easily got herself back up. She’s also off of the Steroids. Ricochet’s so happy and full of energy now, it reminds me of when she was a puppy.

    From the very first meeting with Dr Samantha Rose, her caring and compassionate demeanor was evident and reassuring. She is nontraditional, as are her methods of treatment for prolonging quality of life, especially for our geriatric pets.

    Thank you, Dr Rose for restoring my dear Ricochet’s quality for life so that I can continue to enjoy her unconditional love and companionship a bit longer…

  • Acupuncture for Rose -- Amazing

    -Joe and Cyndi Taylor Krier from San Antonio, TX
    Pet Name: Rose

    Our dogs -- Hank the Cowdog and Rose --have gone to VCA Companion Animal Hospital for years and been well cared for by Dr. Sue Schwab. Two months ago, our 14 year old rescue Schnoodle mix began experiencing debilitating back pain. At times, she could not get up by herself yet she did not want anyone to touch her. While the medication helped some, Dr. Schwab asked if we would want to see a VCA Vet who does acupuncture. Hearing that a vet named Dr. Rose might be able to help our dog Rose seemed an omen! We've had treatments for eight weeks now. Improvements were gradual but steady at first and after the last three weeks, so dramatic that I wanted to share with others who might be considering acupuncture for their dog. (Or themselves!) Rose has not had a back spasm in weeks. She actually skips around the yard at times. And she is again eager for a morning walk. Hearing her say "Ahhh" as Dr. Rose stretches her neck is music to our ears. We are so glad that VCA Castle Hills provides both traditional care and specialty services like acupuncture to meet our pet's needs.

  • Acupuncture and Other Alternative Treatments

    -Linda from San Antonio, TX
    Pet Name: Snow

    The entire staff at VCA Castle Hills Companion Animal Hospital has been compassionately involved in the treatment and care of my little bichon at one time or another during her near 16 years of life.

    Dr. Michelle Hudson had been the primary veterinarian overseeing Snow's care. Snow had rapidly declined in health as arthritis took a severe toll on her body during the last four months. As her arthritis worsened and her mobility decreased, Dr. Hudson suggested we see Dr. Samantha Rose to try acupuncture.

    Snow readily tolerated the initial acupuncture treatments and her mobility improved. Then her health plummeted as she began resisting all attempts to help her, was refusing both dog and human food, and was experiencing nausea and diarrhea. I honestly thought the time had come to euthanize Snow, but I just couldn't bring myself to make the appointment.

    Dr. Rose suggested another variation of acupuncture involving B12 injections. The increase in Snow's mobility was evident after the initial B12 acupuncture session. Snow has continued with this form of acupuncture for several weeks now. Dr. Rose has added body adjustments/stretches to the treatment plan. Snow's mobility has continued to improve along with her general health and attitude towards life. Her improvement is nothing short of miraculous!

    Many thanks to Dr. Rose and the rest of the staff at VCA Castle Hills Companion Animal Hospital. You have given my family and me additional quality time with our beloved four-legged family member.

  • Man, did we luck out

    -Sharon and feline daughters Lillie Rose, Ms Daisy from San Antonio, TX

    I recently moved from the NE side to NW San Antonio. I was so thrilled to find a nice veterinary clinic literally next door to me. I brought both of my "roommates" in for their initial exam, which was no charge and I had their records transferred. You learn a lot about the vet staff by the way your animal(s) react to them. Both of my cats were well behaved and happy, which isn't normally the case at the vet's office.

    I am so impressed with the professional care and compassion of all of the staff. Dr. Schaub even took the time to answer some questions I had about my daughter's dog "Kahlua" who is a distemper survivor that my daughter adopted from the Humane Society and who was not even one of her patients.

    I signed up for the Pet Portal today. This is another excellent feature.

    Thank you so much.

    Your friends, Sharon, Lillie Rose and Miss Daisy

  • To my friends at Castle Hills

    -A friend from Nearby, TX
    Pet Name: Wynnston

    Pet Image Having spent my entire life with four legged family members, I have learned the necessity and the benefits of quality health care for everyone. It is even more important in veterinary care since the patients are not able to communicate their issues as easily as we do. The choice of that care is of upmost importance to me, so that is why I have chosen the excellent doctors and staff at VCA Castle Hills Companion Animal Hospital to entrust the care and well being of my smaller family members.

    I consider everyone at Castle Hills as part of my family and I have complete confidence in the knowledge and skills of each and every one of them. As I have a large number of smaller family members, I spend a considerable amount of time availing myself of the talents of my friends at Castle Hills. In doing so I have been able to observe the professionalism and genuine concern they extend to all their patients. From patient health care, to boarding, and even to pet advice that comes from personal experience and training.

    As most of my smaller family members are adoptions, rescues, or strays, I have brought in patients with a variety of health issues and virtually no background or history to help with diagnosis or treatment. All those cute little faces usually come with underlying complications and occasionally a very serious concern. I have chosen the dubious honor of directing this myriad of canine catastrophes at Dr. Michelle Hudson. By the time she realized what I had done, she was hooked! Her only hope now is that curing one of my pet's calamities will make her famous or maybe just published.

    I brought her Wynnston, a dachshund, from animal control, with a hole in the roof of his mouth. She discovered the problem and directed me to the specialist needed to repair the problem. However Wynnston was not going to be that easy. Two unsuccessful surgeries at the local facility and Dr. Hudson put us on the road to A&M. Wynnston must have a little "Longhorn" in him because it took the Aggies two more procedures to fix him. But they did it so well, I recently found Wynnston in the flowerbed with the tail of a large angry armadillo firmly in his mouth, and that look he gave me said "I got him, what are you going to do with him?"

    And then I brought her Oscar, a senior dachshund, from a different animal control, with possible cancer, large cysts on his chest, and really bad teeth. Dr. Hudson waived her magic scalpel, removed the cysts, found no cancer, and directed me to the veterinary dentist. Now Oscar is enjoying retirement with his new friends and his new fuzzy bed.

    My friends at Castle Hills provide me the comfort of knowing my little friends have the highest quality care. From medical treatments, specialist referrals, "almost as good as home" boarding, to prescriptions and diets. I enjoy the best of care from the best of people, and on top of it all, I know they treat my pets even better than they treat me!

  • So impressed and happy to find VCA

    -Angela Gamboa from SanAntonio, TX
    Pet Name: Hank

    My Bf and I recently adopted a dog, and we wanted to bring him to a vet for an initial check-up since we had him about 3 weeks. Also, Hank had a scab on his back that we wanted to get checked out - we thought maybe he was having some allergies because he was itchy too, despite having given him a flea bath and later an oatmeal-shampoo.
    After Googling to find a local vet, we decided to try VCA, mainly "just because". We were unsure of how to pick a vet out, anyway, so we figured to give them a try. We called and scheduled the appointment for a week later, but the following day, his scab seemed much worse (he just won't stop scratching and licking at it), and we didn't really want to wait a week to have it looked at. So we called early Monday morning and asked if it was possible to get the next available time, and we were able to bring him in at 8 that morning, which was such a relief to be able to come in so soon!

    Anyway, to try and sum up the visit in so many words, everybody we met was so kind and helpful - from Hallie at the front, to Antonio the vet assistant, to Dr. Schnee. Hank loved them all, too, and was so well behaved! I bet he could sense that they are really good people and were not going to hurt him. They did such an amazing job with Hank, but also with my bf and me when explaining to us what was going on.

    Dr. Schnee used one of those flea-combs to pick up some of Hank's hair/skin flakes and explained that it there could be mites that were causing the skin irritation. It turned out that that was exactly the issue! When returning from taking a look under the microscope, he had printed out information on the mites for us, but he went over what we needed to know and even offered us to look under the microscope (which I totally did).

    I'm rambling a bit on this testimonial, but the whole experience was so impressive that I could really go on and on. The main idea that Im trying to get to is that the staff took the time to explain what they were doing, treatment options (and the possibility of other treatment options, but why one may be preferable to another), and they always asked if it was ok with us to do something before doing it.

    The care that Hank received is invaluable to us and to him. I am so happy that we decided to try out VCA Castle Hills. Hank is part of our family now, and I'm relieved we have a vet for him that will give him quality care in a loving environment. It's peace of mind for me, and we'll be back in a month to check up on his condition.

  • We love VCA Castle Hills

    -Jenna from San Antonio, TX
    Pet Name: Duke

    Pet Image Our dog Duke was recently injured while playing around the yard. He came running inside with a 5" in diameter chunk of his skin/fur completely missing. We immediately jumped in the truck and called VCA Castle Hills to let them know that we were on the way. Susan was very helpful and informed us that she was ready for Duke. She even asked if we needed help getting him out of the car when we arrived! When we arrived, they immediately took us and Duke to a room.

    Dr. Hudson took wonderful care of Duke throughout the whole two week healing process. During his surgery, she called me to give me updates on what she had found out. Dr. Hudson also sent me pictures of his wound after she had cleaned it up. The entire staff showed concern and courtesy. When we walk in for check ups, the entire staff says hi to Duke and asks how he is doing. I have called the vet several times with many questions, they are quick to answer and do not hesitate to get Dr. Hudson on the phone for me.

    Duke has been going to VCA Castle Hills since we adopted him as a puppy. I am proud to say that he will continue to go there due to the amazing staff!

  • My First Visit to Castle Hills Companion

    -Annette Catena from San Antonio, TX
    Pet Name: Napolean

    Pet Image This morning I brought my kitten into VCA Castle Hills Companion Animal Hospital. I assumed he had injured his leg, but wasn't really sure how or when it happened. He had been running a really high fever for 2 days and was miserable.

    I live right down the street from VCA and drive by it at least 4 times a day, so my decision to call them was based purely on location.

    The very friendly woman at the desk told me that because it would be my first visit to their clinic, the exam fee of $47 would be waived and asked me if I could be there in 15 minutes for my kitten to be seen. I was sold on that alone.

    When I described my kittens symptoms to Dr. Sue Schwab, specifically his noticeable limp from his front leg, she asked me more questions. And instead of immediately putting him under X-Ray (which would have been an additional expense), she was able to diagnose him with a simple infection probably due to interaction with some local stray cats. So I really respect her for not assuming I have a ton of money to pay for X-Rays, labs, etc. that may not have been necessary.

    She also gave me some really great samples of the Science Diet for cats, and also some flea medication. And I don't mean samples like a 1.5 ounce sample of something. I'm talking about a very worthwhile sample of both.

    The office is clean and very beautiful. Lots of space in the main front office area.

    All of these things are very important to me from any type of business interaction I have.

    Thank you VCA, you're hired!!

    Annette Catena

  • Buster Brown

    -Rhonda Barnes from San Antonio, TX
    Pet Name: Buster Brown Barnes

    Pet Image I am so impressed with the staff at VCA Castle Hills! They LOVE animals and they love to take care of their customers. I was about to give up hope...

    I adopted Buster from a private, donation driven shelter in Taylor, TX (near Austin) last August. Since we didn't live close to the shelter, they didn't offer us the same services (neuter and shots via local vet certificate) as someone local would get, so our adoption fee was waived.

    We brought him home and I took him to our usual vet clinic (NOT VCA) for shots, to have him neutered, and to run a couple of routine tests. While at the clinic, he had a heartworm test done. A few days later, they called and gave me the news that Buster's heartworm test was positive. I was devastated. I knew what heartworms could do - we had lost two dogs to them when I was younger.

    When I took Buster in for a consult a week later, the vet came into the exam room and I was visibly upset. He asked what was wrong, and I said - MY POOR BUSTER IS SICK!. He had a very puzzled look on his face and said, "No, I think he's just fine." Then he looks at Buster's chart and gets another look on his face...yes, you know the one.... "Oh, S$&t". All he said was that the treatment was invasive, intense, and painful for the animal and he did not recommend it. He didn't even apologize for not "knowing" my animal. It was at that MOMENT that I decided I would never bring my animals into that clinic again.

    I was referred to VCA Castle Hills by a co-worker, who incidentally had a sister who took her dog there for heartworm treatments. When Buster and I came in for our consultation, Dr. Rose (I love her, she is SO AWESOME!) explained everything in detail, including the cost, and did not leave a thing to question.

    From then and every treatment since (today was his final heartworm treatment!), they have taken care of Buster like he was their own family member. HE LOVES GOING THERE! They call to see how he's doing and make sure I have everything I need to take care of him.

    VCA Castle Hills - you are a God send. Without you, Buster may not have had long to stay with us, and now he has a great chance! Please continue doing what you do! You have a customer for life!

  • Great Experience

    -Erik from San Antonio, TX

    Just recently our dog was diagnosed with having heartworms. After reading up on the treatment and possible risk involved; we were terrified about having him treated. Our dog Joey is a very important and special member to our family. He indeed is man's best friend, always caring and loving. We were in contact with several veterinarians throughout San Antonio; they were all quick in wanting to treat Joey but never took the time to explain the treatment process. Nor was it ever suggested to examine and run alternative tests on Joey to insure he was in good health and would be able to undergo the treatment.

    I then contacted VCA Castle Hills Companion Animal Hospital and the perception that I observed was very different. Dr. Sue Schwab and the entire staff were very compassionate, took the time to explain the process, recommended alternative testing, and most importantly, showed the dedication that they have for their job. I am very pleased with the level of service Joey received. I have spoken very highly to all about the service that I was provided with. Joey and his family live over 25 miles away from the animal hospital, but the drive is well worth it. We look forward to the staff greeting us every time we walk through the doors of the VCA. In conclusion, I applaud Dr. Sue Schwab and the entire staff on a job well done, and thank them for showing not only Joey but his family compassion during this difficult time.


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