VCA Carrollwood Cat Hospital Testimonials

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T.L.C - Three Legged Cat

-JoAnn from Clearwater, FL
Pet Name: T.L.C.

T.L.C. is a 6 month old tabby girl kitty. She came to us with the mothers umbilical cord wrapped around her hind leg. Dr. Kelly Williams said the leg could not be saved on my 3-day-old kitty. Dr Williams had to amputate her leg to save her life. I am happy to report she has no idea she is missing a leg. She loves to get up on the fish tank and watch the goldfish.

Carrollwood Cats - as good as it gets.

-Scott from Brandon, FL
Pet Name: Itty

I have been bringing my cats to Carrollwood Cats for over 20 years, starting from when I was a teenager.

Though people have come and gone over the years from their practice, they continue to operate at the highest standards of care and caring possible.

A couple months ago, the year and a half of nursing my sick kitty through all the horrors of chronic renal failure came to a close, and I had to put him to sleep.

I've brought him to Carrollwood Cats since literally his day of life (raised him myself from his first day alive) all the way through to his last moments. He lived a long and happy life, and it was due enormously to the amazing care and caring of the people at Carrollwood Cats.

From the insights into the problems of his first week of life, to being the people to help me give him a good painless death surrounded by love at his last moments.

The doctors and technicians there are a testament to the importance of their profession on the lives of people as well as cats. They make the world a better place, every single day. And personally, they are all, every single one of them, wonderful human beings.

You will not find a better group of people to turn to for the health and happiness of your cats, nor will you find a more caring and attentive group of practitioners for when age's inevitable insults begin to take their toll.

The people of Carrollwood Cats have my business, appreciation and thanks...and they should have yours, too.

Dr. Mango and staff are wonderful

-Robertson Family from Tampa, FL
Pet Name: Mo, PK and Louie

Dr. Mango and her staff, including the administrative assistants are excellent. Their kindness,care, honesty and understanding is exceptional. We highly recommend them for all your kitties' needs!

My Kitty Fletcher

-Fletcher from Odessa, FL
Pet Name: Fletcher

My kitten, Fletcher was saved by VCA Carrollwood Cat Hospital. He got stuck in a wheel well at a bank in the drive-in teller booth. Fletcher was just a few weeks old. The people at VCA took him in. They observed him and took care of him. The think that Fletcher was born wild. VCA was there for me, I want them to be there for you too. Fletcher would've died if it wasn't for VCA. Now Fletcher is an active, loving. caring cat. When he notices you sad, he will start purring and rub against you. He loves looking outside through windows. He is so curious about the outside world... I wonder what happened to him in the wild. If it weren't for VCA, i wouldn't be sharing a home with a beautiful, loving, Orange Tabby Kitten today. Thank you so much. I recommend this place to everyone who wants a cat, or needs help with a cat.

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Dr. Williams and Dr. Mango Are The Best

-Claudine from Lutz, FL
Pet Name: Ticked and Tux

Way back in 1989 I found Carrollwood Cats when Scooter was looking for a new vet after relocating to Tampa. She had a wonderful life and lived to age 22. I thought I could never bear the loss again.

Three months later, missing the joy of cat motherhood I adopted 2 kittens from Carrollwood Cats, Stoney & Fancy. A third found us, Angel, and we were a complete family by January 1997. Then, the last 2 years were rough losing Angel and Fancy in 2011 and Stoney this past January 2012. Again, the losses were terrible and I said I could not do it again.

Last month, my house felt empty and I found myself at Carrollwood Cats to donate some supplies and they happened to have the kitties out. Well, no one was surprised that I went home with 2 new kitties, Ticked and Tux.

Carrollwood Cats, Dr. Mango, and Dr. Williams have been wonderful and helpful during my losses and my new additions.

Dr. Williams diagnosed and cured Angel of Cholangial Hepatitis no one else had been able to find prior to me adopting her and suspect that was the reason she was abandoned.

Dr. Mango nursed Stoney (and me) through his kidney failure to the end. I could not have asked for more empathetic care and concern.

Carrollwood Cats has also provided the routine care as well as treated the minor illnesses through the years.

I have nothing but praise for Carrollwood Cats and recommend them to all my cat loving friends and relatives. The entire staff have been friends, lifesavers, and caring, compassionate caregivers for many years.

Professional Hassle Free Care

-Jessica from Tampa, FL
Pet Name: Felines

The staff at VCA Carrollwood are a force to be reckoned with. My first visit was in May. When I arrived they understood my urgency as I had attempted to find the location of a different vet clinic for an appt. I had made that same day. By luck, VCA is right around the corner and graciously accommodated me as a walk-in. One of my fur-babies had an accident in his carrier and the staff was more than willing to clean up my kitty along with his kennel. Dr. Kelly's veterinary expertise is unparalleled. She examined my cats thoroughly and made sure to address any and all questions. I am also thankful for the online enrollment for Paradyne delivery. In this way my fur babies get their medicine on time and I enjoy the convenience of home delivery, and I save tons of money. The VCA Carrollwood is a shining example of what all vet clinics should be like! THANK YOU VCA CARROLLWOOD!!!