Veterinary Support

  • Technician Supervisor

    Laura Domin

     Laura has worked with strictly felines for many years. Laura is the most skilled at handling frisky cats. If you are ever worried fear not because Laura is here.  I choose to come to work every day because I want to make a difference.              We have an employee scarp book in our lobby. Each team mate has written something special about them self and here is my story,
    Growing up in a barn has put me close to animals since I was a kid.
    Being able to talk to them and understand them is what I love doing.
    Being able to help when they are hurt, being a friend when they are in need, and share their emotions always keeps me on my toes and involved.
    I love sharing my knowledge and understanding of our companions and there is not a day that goes by that I learn something new about them.


  • Technician

    Tonya Bruck

     Tonya Bruck is one of our newest additions to the Carrollwood Cats Family. We are so lucky to have her with us. Tonya took a few years off from working with animals while she was raising her two beautiful boys. This is why Tonya comes to work every day,   Since I can remember I've always had a special love for animals, especially cats! The fact that I get to spend each day doing whatever I can to help out an animals more rewarding than anyone could imagine. Even in my spare time I volunteer as a keeper for Servals, tigers, lions and leopards'. I guess you could say I am a cat enthusiast !                  

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Jessica Laird
    School: University of Tampa, Bachelors in Psychology and Biology

    Jessica resides in Tampa with her wonderful husband and 4 furry children. Recent graduate of Tampa University and will one day pursue schooling to become a veterinarian. The reason I come to work every day is I get to make a difference in these adorable cats' lives.