Veterinary Support

  • Technician Supervisor

    Laura Domin

    Laura has worked with strictly felines for many years. Laura is the most skilled at handling frisky cats. If you are ever worried, fear not because Laura is here. 

    Laura chooses to come to work every day because she wants to make a difference. We have an employee scrapbook in our lobby. Each team mate has written something special about them self and here is  Laura's story:

    Growing up in a barn has put me close to animals since I was a kid. Being able to talk to them and understand them is what I love doing. Being able to help when they are hurt, being a friend when they are in need, and share their emotions always keeps me on my toes and involved. I love sharing my knowledge and understanding of our companions and there is not a day that goes by that I learn something new about them.

  • Veterinary Assistant


    I have been caring for cats my entire life, currently Liz has 5 beautiful special needs kitties and a small poodle whom believes he too is a cat. Although Liz may not be a new comer to VCA Animal Hospitals, She will be new to VCA Carrollwood Cat Hospital. Liz has just returned from a long stay in Utah where she worked for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. There, Liz worked in the feline ward with physically and neurologically compromised cats along with working on her behavioral modification skills.

    When asked: “Why VCA Carrollwood Cats?” Liz replied, “Being a veterinary technician is a very important part of my life, and I am a cat lover first and foremost. I love helping and caring for those in need. And I love TNR work and working in adoptions."

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Connie Calcaterra

    As children we grew up spending most of our time at my Grandparents farm and that is where I can honestly say, “That the animals on my Grandparents farm were my first friends”. There is all the farm animals that one would expect, cows, pigs, chickens…. And of course cats, they are the best! Their welfare and happiness is extremely important to me. Working at VCA Carrollwood Cat Hospital is like a having one of your oldest wishes and dreams come true. Knowing that every day I come to work I am apart of these cats’ welfare and being able to teach one person what they can do to help improve their cats’ health.

    I am not originally from Florida I came to Tampa apart of my high school’s foreign student exchange program. Oh yeah my Grandparents farm is in Austria, so English is actually my second language as German is my first. After I returned to Austria and 2 years of constant communication between myself and my now Husband Frank. So in 2010 I came back to Tampa but this time to stay. Frank and I share our home with 4 awesome kitties and a terrier mix named Yoshimi.

    When I’m not at work I am at home spending time with my kitties. I also recently have become involved in working with a few foundations like the trap and release program for the cats’ that are all over the state of Florida and doing all I can do to help reduce the number of cats without homes. Somewhere in all of that I also find the time to write, as I also am a musician my band is called, DieAlps.