• Hospital Manager

    JoAnn Felden, CVT
    Veterinary Tech School: St. Petersburg College
    School: S.P.J.C, C.V.T

    I  have been with VCA since 2000. I live in Clearwater Florida with my  husband and 9 fluffy children. Of the 8 cats 3 are special needs but they do not know it. Everyone knows Ricochet;  she lived at the hospital for a while and is very happy in my home. Rickey is a special needs kitty that was deprived of oxygen at birth. Rickey never walks straight but always makes it to the food bowl.

    My little baby in the stroller is Chicken Wing Felden a rescue from a puppy mill due to be euthanized because of a mouth problem preventing her from getting enough milk. Lieutenant Dan is the other Chihuahua with no front legs due to be euthanized for the birth defect. Many clients have watched Dan grow up and soon he will be fitted for a wheel chair. Look for Dan the next time you come to the hospital. The reason why I come to work every day is to make sure you get the best service possible and that your pet is taken care of as if it were our own.

    I was born to work with animals.

    I drove my mom crazy  growing up, I brought home every diseased animal I found.

    Most times the entire family caught something from the animal.

    Today I am the exact same way! I am so lucky to have a loving husband that helps me with all the furry children.