• Hospital Manager

    JoAnn Felden, CVT
    Veterinary Tech School: St. Petersburg College
    School: S.P.J.C, C.V.T

    I  have been with VCA since 2000. I live in Clearwater Florida with my  husband and 9 fluffy children. Of the 8 cats 3 are special needs but they do not know it. Everyone knows Ricochet;  she lived at the hospital for a while and is very happy in my home.

    My little baby in the stroller is Chicken Wing Felden a rescue from a puppy mill due to be euthanized because of a mouth problem preventing her from getting enough milk.

    I was born to work with animals.

    I drove my mom crazy  growing up, I brought home every diseased animal I found.

    Most times the entire family caught something from the animal.

    Today I am the exact same way!