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Caring for pets... and their people, too.

VCA Carrollwood Cats Hospital is here to cater to your feline's every need. Dr. Kelly Williams and Dr. Brittany Wilson is always ready to take care of your pet.

Our office has a serene setting to soothe your anxious feline. We can work on the sweetest pussycat and also manage the wild cat. Our specially trained staff can handle any situation. Come on in and see one of our two doctors today. If you need a carrier please call the office we always have one for you. All of our technicians and doctors are specially trained to make your feline feel as comfortable as possible during their visit. Please come visit our new feline only private boarding center. Our custom made condos are made with a view and hide away holes. If the kitty is anxious they can hide but if they are feeling frisky we have daily movies for their pleasure or they can watch the birds outside. The center is not located in the main building as to not disturb their serene setting.  


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New to VCA?

We provide veterinary services for every stage in your pet's life, from their first shots to a lifetime of preventive care to keep them happy and healthy.

Our services don't end at our hospital doors.  As a member of the VCA family, our veterinarians have access to extensive medical resources, not the least of which is the VCA knowledge base, which allows our doctors to tap into the collected knowledge of over 2,000 VCA veterinarians.

And if your pet ever needs truly advanced veterinary care, VCA Specialty Hospitals are ready to help.  These twenty-eight clinics provide state-of-the-art care in orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, advanced oncology, and even such cutting-edge treatments as stem cell therapy.

At VCA Carrollwood Cat Hospital we have three technicians that are specially trained to make your feline's visit as comfortable as possible. Four of our technicians have been working with cats for over 10 years. Two of our technicians are certified by the state of Florida in Veterinary Technology.

Dr. Brittany Wilson
Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary School: University of Tennessee

Dr. Wilson was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. She received both her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and her Doctor of Veterinary

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Carrollwood Cats - as good as it gets.
Scott from Brandon

I have been bringing my cats to Carrollwood Cats for over 20 years, starting from when I was a teenager.

Though people have come and gone over the years from their practice, they continue to operate at the highest standards of care and caring possible.

A couple months ago, the year and a half of nursing my sick kitty through all the horrors of chronic renal failure came to a close, and I had to put him to sleep.

I've brought him to Carrollwood Cats since literally his day of life (raised him myself from his first day alive) all the way through to his last moments. He lived a long and happy life, and it was due enormously to the amazing care and caring of the people at Carrollwood Cats.

From the insights into the problems of his first week of life, to being the people to help me give him a good painless death surrounded by love at his last moments.

The doctors and technicians there are a testament to the importance of their profession on the lives of people as well as cats. They make the world a better place, every single day. And personally, they are all, every single one of them, wonderful human beings.

You will not find a better group of people to turn to for the health and happiness of your cats, nor will you find a more caring and attentive group of practitioners for when age's inevitable insults begin to take their toll.

The people of Carrollwood Cats have my business, appreciation and thanks...and they should have yours, too.

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