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I love these folks

-CalOaks Fan from Idyllwild, CA
Pet Name: Coach

I have known the team at Cal Oaks since 2006 and have always found them to be professional, educated, and very caring. I would not take my pet to any other hospital. Thanks Cal Oaks for all you do, every day!!

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Pet care

-Roxanne King from Murrieta, CA
Pet Name: Mirage

I am happy to say I have been a client at Cal Oaks vet for 15 years. Their staff provides the highest quality medical care available anywhere. I completely trust them with the decisions they make regarding my St. Poodle.

A Staff That Truly Cares About Your Pet

-Judi B from Murrieta, CA
Pet Name: Charlie and Cooper

I have been bringing my two Basset Hounds to Cal Oaks Vets for almost 7 years. How great it is to know that the staff truly cares about your pet and you, too. You'll always be greeted with a smile and you know that your pet will be receiving top quality care, whether it's a short visit or surgery. Our vet is Dr. Wentzel. The minute he walks into the exam room, he'll warm your heart with his wonderful smile and then he'll actually greet your pet on the floor before he begins his exam with the animal on the table. How great is that? Dr. Wentzel just makes you feel so welcomed and you can tell he enjoys his "clients". No fakeness there! After years of chronic ear problems and years of going to a specialist for one of my dogs, Dr. Wentzel informed me of a new medication that he read up on and may improve the ear condition for my dog. Since I was told by the ear specialist there was nothing else they could do to help my dog, I was thrilled to think that Dr. Wentzel was aware of a new drug. He administered the new medication and after a few visits, my dog's condition and quality of life improved dramatically. I was amazed that Dr. Wentzel had knowledge of this new medication when the ear specialist had just given up. A few weeks ago, my other dog required surgery for a molar abscess. My dog was treated so lovingly by Dr. Wentzel and the nursing staff that when I left, I knew my dog would be receiving great care. The nursing staff explained the post op care and medications to me so that I could understand them fully. I had some additional questions afterward and they took considerable time to help me. Their attitude was one of caring and concern. With Cal Oaks Vets, you get the total package of outstanding doctor care, nursing staff care and front office reception. Real people with real love in their hearts. Always a pleasure to go there and never a disappointment. The minute you go through their front door, you know you made the right choice and you'll get the very best of care.

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amazing, caring people

-Erin from Menifee, CA
Pet Name: Peanut, Marla, and Poppy

I am so thankful to have discovered Cal Oaks! The quality of care they provide to my three dogs is outstanding. From the time we walk into the office, they go out of their way to make sure my girls are comfortable, happy, and as relaxed as possible. I recently took home a stray dog, Marla, who is scared of just about everything, including people, and I was so impressed with how patient everyone was with her. The time they spent getting to know her made such a difference, and Marla even made friends with some of the staff by the end of our visit (huge progress for her)! You won't find a more caring, knowledgeable staff anywhere. Thanks to everyone at Cal Oaks�I really appreciate everything you do for us!

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The Most Amazing People Ever

-The Boorkman Family from Murrieta, CA
Pet Name: Zoey Cambridge

We can not express how amazing everybody is at Cal Oaks. They have seen us through so much over the past 5 years. We had to put our Golden Retriever, Aja, to sleep almost 5 years ago and then in 2009 our beautiful black lab, Gracey, died. On both occasions it was not just our family who was heartbroken, but everybody there was as well. You see, they do not look at your pet as just an animal, they see them as if they were their own and that is exactly how they treat them. I think losing Gracey was the most devastating event we have had with our dogs, it was so unexpected, so sudden. I didn't even call them when she got sick that morning, I just showed up and they were on it. We waited while Dr. Wentzel did Emergency Surgery and they came out every 10 minutes to update us. When she went into cardiac arrest the entire staff was in there, Dr. Miller joined in the efforts as well. We have always known how stellar the doctors and staff are here but that day revealed the true compassion, skills, and the heart they have for all family members.

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So Thankful

-Emmaleigh Lanza from Lake Elsinore, CA
Pet Name: Giovanni and Ricky

We just moved to Lake Elsinore from Corona a couple of months ago and our previous vet was all the way in Irvine. While it was a very long way to the vet from Corona to Irvine, it was worth it to know that our sweet puppies were being taken care of so well. But moving to Lake Elsinore made it impossible to travel to Irvine for the vet, especially if there was an emergency with one of our pups. I searched online and found VCA CA Oaks Animal Hospital and read through all of the testimonials here and even did a Google search. Everything I read met every concern that I have when visiting a vet and I was so happy that VCA was so close and sounded so wonderful. Within days of finding VCA online, one of my pups was walking oddly on his back right leg. I tend to be over-protective (and maybe a tad paranoid too) when it comes to my puppies, so I called VCA and even though I hadn't yet been in for a first visit yet with either of my dogs, they were so kind and were able to fit me in right away. Upon arrival, they took care of everything my puppy and I needed. The nurses and doctor (Dr. Ashley) were not only so kind and patient, they were so knowledgeable. It turned out that my pups leg was just fine(of course by the time I had him in the vet he was no longer walking weird on it) no one ever made me feel silly or as if I was wasting their time, they listened to me and never made me feel silly for being so over-protective, in fact instead said that my bringing him in meant I was a good pet parent. :) They never took away my puppy to another room leaving me wondering what was being done to my puppy; at the beginning of the visit, the nurse kindly informed me that he would need to be weighed and the scale was in the next room, she kindly asked me if it was ok to take him to the next room to weigh him. I was so thankful that they understood that I would want to know why and where they would need to take my puppy even if only for a minute. This is something that worried me about trying a new vet, and even though I never ever even mentioned this to them, they already are so in tune with their patients and the parents of their patients it is truly wonderful and I am so thankful! :) On top of all of this, the visit (my initial first visit) was free! The next day they called to see how Ricky (my puppy that had the visit)was doing and informed me that when I bring my other puppy (Giovanni) in for the first time, his initial visit would be free too! Then a couple of days later, a sweet card came in the mail addressed to Ricky thanking him and I for coming in and that they would be there for anything we need; this note was handwritten by Dr. Ashley! I know they will be there for us and I am so so so thankful!! :)

Saving Little Emily

-Scott Smith from Lake Elsinore, CA
Pet Name: Emily

Thank God for such a caring hospital. Little Emily was starved, had cataracts in both eyes, and was pregnant to boot when I found her. I got a little weight on her and took her to be spayed, that's when we discovered just what bad shape she was in. She spontaneously aborted her pup the day before her appointment, which left this little 4 pound girl in a world of hurt. The hospital had to give her a transfusion just to do surgery and save her life, then again had to give her blood after surgery. She had an infected mouth her teeth were so bad, and they handled that too. Now it is like she has been given a new life, and she improves daily. Amazing caring hospital, saving lives and improving the health of our pets on a daily basis. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

The best Vet office

-Lea and Ally from Murrieta, CA
Pet Name: Ally

Everyone at this office is so incredibly knowledgeable, professional, loving and kind. I feel so blessed to have them caring for my baby girl. They have helped keep her healthy now for 3 and 1/2 years. We also have Ally groomed here, and her coat has never been shinier! The boarding here is also the best. Ally spending time here when I am working has really helped her feel more comfortable around other dogs. The whole team here show Ally so much love and affection she actually LOVES going to the vet now!! Dr. Wentzel is the best Veterinarian we have ever met. He is extremly patient, and kind. You see from the first time meeting him how much he truly loves animals, and loves what he does. It is the only Vet office I would take my pets to. Everyone here really understands my dog's personality, and they treat her with amazing love. They are truly the BEST here!!!

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Thank you Cal Oaks

-Binky from Murrieta, CA
Pet Name: Ginger

Dear Dr Wentzel,
I just wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful care you have given our Ginger these past 10 years, and before her, our first Ginger. I was so lucky to find your office 17 years ago when we first moved to Murrieta and needed a vet. You and your staff are extremely professional, warm, well-trained and somehow they each know every patient and parent by NAME! That is truly amazing. I want to thank you, especially, for your creative thinking about Ginger's "attacks" that no one could figure out. You watch her PH, as I recall, changed her food, and she hasn't had an attack since. I feel that everyone is like family there, they are all so concerned with Ginger's comfort, and a proper outcome for each problem as they arise. As far as staff, I have known Carrie for all these years and am so glad you chose her to be Hospital Manager - she has always been outstanding. Your reception people are so great, I look forward to seeing Melanie and Jen whenever I come in, even if it is just to buy pet food or medicine. They are so patient on the phone, and try never to keep people waiting - that takes talent! Melanie, Delaney, Vicki, Devon, Ashley, Tanya, Melissa, Megan, Diana, and Jamie - (have I missed anyone?) are so experienced in animal care, and so kind, too. They are wonderful representatives of your hospital. I haven't met Dr Yale yet, but I am sure I will feel just as comfortable with her. I am grateful you have Steve and Zak caring for Ginger's teeth, and without anesthetic. They take their time with her and her teeth are perfect. I also enjoy you Open House parties with the tour of your office, plus drawings, prizes and gifts for your patients and their families. I have sent all my friends with pets to your office, and none of you have ever let me, or them, down. You have equipment to handle my problems, as needed, and you let me know when Gingie needs a shot or exam. You think of everything! Thanks again, all of you, for taking such great care of our baby!

Best Vet Office

-Miguel from Sun City, CA
Pet Name: Roxy

I just want to thank the Vet and all the staff at VCA office, I was having a hard time to find a cheap but decent vet for my injured dog. They are the best, the staff there are so friendly and really make you feel comfortable. My first visit was free, the Vet gave a few options on what to do regarding my dog's injury, she did not ordered any tests that my dog really didn't needed while at other vet office they told that they MUST do those test to proceed, The Vet at VCA was completely honest and I was very pleased with he prices, the staff, the clean place, and the attention my dog and I received. You must go and try this vet, the first visit is free so you have nothing to lose, I'm sure you wont regret it! Thank you VCA! :D