Client Services

  • Receptionist

    Gladys J

    It has been a joy working at VCA Cabrera for the past nine years. I call my work place home. We give our very best to care for the little angels we see on a daily basis. I love helping clients, from making a cup of coffee, making appointments, or helping them choose the best products for their pets. I feel like I belong and I love what I do !!!!!

    Gladys has been working with VCA Cabrera Animal Hospital for 9  years now. She was born in Cuba and came to the United States as a child.


  • Receptionist

    Taira Medina

    I have loved animals since I can remember and I've never gone a day without a pet. I love coming into work and helping out clients and their pets. I can't explain with words what my job means to me. Currently I am in school studying pre-veterinary medicine, so why not work for a company such as VCA. In such a short time I have learned and experienced things that I would never have working somewhere else. We have the best support system and help each other at all moments. This place is my home, seriously we are a family. I've never imagined being so happy coming into work, but I do every single day. I'm always excited to see what new things I'll learn, which in reality are helping me with my career. Truly, I feel as though I've been blessed with this job because everything about it is amazing. I love coming into work and helping our clients and their pets. It doesn't matter whether their sick or coming in for annuals. I'm all about making their experience one and only. I love my job because we connect with our clients and their pets are treated as part of our family.