• Hospital Manager

    Cristina Camargo
    School: FIU, Biology

    I have always had a love for animals. I have owned all types of animals and have had a passion since I was a little girl to take care of and rehabilitate any that needed it. I have had ferrets, a variety of birds, turtles, fish, dogs and cats. . We here at VCA Cabrera are truly a family and we treat all our clients and their pets as family.I have worked at this hospital for 15 + years and I have loved everyday of it. I have been involved with Great Dane Rescue for over 7 years. I have trained my Great Danes and Chinese Cresteds in agility and obedience. I  have also shown my 2 Chinese Cresteds in conformation. I love being part of this great team and enjoy coming to work everyday and being able to interact with other pet lovers as myself.