VCA Animal Hospital (Burbank) Testimonials

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Lucky Henry

-Tony Aslanis from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Henry

VCA Burbank is the ONLY place to bring your pets. Period. We are always greeted with friendly, caring faces--and every single staff member personally knows our dog.

The vets are professional, caring, thorough and SUPER smart. They take the time to answer any and every question...and we ask a LOT so that's saying something. But they always do it with a smile. During the exams our dog is hugged, scratched and 'loved up' so he doesn't even know he's at the Vet.

If they treated people we would go there ourselves.

That is one lucky dog.

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Great Service Great People

-Lola from Burbank, CA
Pet Name: Gucci Bella Teeny

My family and I have been taking our many dogs to VCA for years and have always been impressed with the friendly staff and doctors working there. They work diligently to identify the problem and solution to any health problems with our pets. We thank them for their amazing work and great service! Thank You!

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-Caroline PINKY Luat Young from LA, CA
Pet Name: Jedi

When our beloved dog Jedi was showing signs of physical deterioration, we brought him to you for help. From the moment I left a message, to the quick return call, to the professionalism and warmth at the front desk, to Dr. Marcus who took her time with us to explain what our options were, to Tim and Mike the technicians who greeted us for treatments, i was impressed every time. At 5 months pregnant, I wish I got this kind and warm attention at my OBGYN office!
It has been 5 weeks and we had to put Jedi down this week. Having worked with all of you through his last weeks comforts us in knowing that we had caring and wonderful people attending to Jedi. Some website reviews complain about cost or rudeness. I never found the quality lacking or that I was ever overpaying. We love and thank you all for seeing Jedi through in his final stages of life, and beyond into Doggie Heaven at Rainbow Bridge! We highly recommend your facility to anyone seeking outstanding animal care and attention.

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Never Going Anywhere Else

-Cindy Angel from Toluca Lake, CA
Pet Name: Phoebe

I moved out here about 6 years ago. My girlfriend recommended VCA. At first it was a little costly for me, because I was used to the prices in Rancho Cucumonga. As I have grown to love Dr. Aberman and her staff, I don't really think about it anymore. Plus, Phoebe, my puggle, is worth the world.
Prior to having Phoebe, who is 4 now, I had a golden retriever, Shadow, who was 13 years old when we moved here. He had always been very healthy. As he started to age, I noticed little lapses in his concentration. Come to find out, he was having mini-strokes. And then later we found out that he had cancer everywhere. We had no idea, he still acted fairly normal. The vet at the specialty hospital told me not to treat him, because the cancer was too advanced. So, we just waited. Shadow made it to 15 years old. When it was time to put him down, Dr. Aberman came into the room and got down on the floor with Shadow and I as she gave him his injection. As sad as it was, she was awesome and caring. Everyone in the office was and still is that way. I really appreciate all that was done to accommodate us during that time.
Now, when I take Phoebe in, they are always so glad to see her and she is okay with going there...unlike some dogs.
Thank you to VCA Burbank and Dr. Aberman.
Cindy Angel

Great pet care at VCA

-Linda Simeone from Burbank, CA
Pet Name: Shadow

I like VCA in Burbank, I think their entire staff from the front desk to all of the vet techs and doctors are superb. Kind, competent, compassionate and very helpful. I've been going to VCA for my cat, Shadow, who has always received expert care with VCA, for well over 8 years. Unfortunately, Shadow, age 11, incurred a medical emergency, he developed a fatal blood clot. I rushed him over to VCA, where Dr. Coates and staff did their best to save him, but it was a poor prognosis. It was soon concluded he would need to be euthanized. It's always sad to lose a pet, but the team worked diligently in trying to save him, all measures taken, to no avail. The staff were very kind, sympathetic and supportive. You couldn't ask for a better team.